I am always listening and I’ve heard you loud and clear on my blog, Kitchen Table Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in person at speaking engagements and book signings: you are ready for a new Eat-Clean Diet® cookbook. The connection between us Sisters in Strength runs deep, we are in sync – I am bursting with light and joy, thrilled to say that the cookbook you’ve patiently waited for is finally HERE!  

Superfoods for a Super You is a brand new collection of more than 100 Eat-Clean recipes built around ten superfoods you love and eat regularly, as well as some lesser-known ingredients you may have wondered about but have been too apprehensive to pick up at the grocer. Fear not! In this latest eBook, I am taking you by the hand and we are taking a bold, sublimely delicious journey through some of the world’s most potent foods from the earth.


Within the pages of Superfoods for a Super You will find:

  • 100+ recipes using one or more superfoods from my list of 10 – breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, drinks and more!
  • Insight and statistics on what makes each food the nutritional powerhouse it is
  • New recipes and ways to prepare foods you already love and use regularly
  • Quick, easy and delicious recipes to introduce you to incredible, lesser-known foods loaded with healthy benefits
  • Recipes suitable for those following a gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian or vegan diet; nut-free and raw (no-cook, no-bake) options


So I know you’re wondering, what these fantastic superfoods are that I’ve built an entire cookbook around! Presenting the super healthy, super delicious superstars of Superfoods for a Super You – plus a teaser glimpse at 10 recipes from the book! Superfoods Recipes Although the word “superfood” has become slightly cliché, I am here to reassure you that food truly is the way to a beautiful, shining, healthy you. My dream to live in a world of healthy, vibrant people living the truest expressions of themselves through optimal nutrition and fitness first ignited my heart’s flame to start the Eat-Clean Diet® series and today my source of motivation for this new cookbook and all that I do remains the same: you.


I’m buzzing with excitement to connect with you over the next a few days once you’ve had a chance to look through Superfoods for a Super You and hear which recipes you’re most excited to try and which ones are your favourites!


Your Sister in Super-Charged Health,


Love and hugs,