1. How many of the 100+ recipes are gluten-free?I’m thrilled to say that approximately 75% of the recipes included in Superfoods for a Super You are gluten-free. Lentil Bread and Paleo Tortillas, anyone?


As always, I encourage you to be a savvy shopper and carefully read all product labels. You might be surprised to discover many foods and condiments have incarnations of wheat/barley/rye added to them for one reason or another. For instance, tapioca flour is perfectly acceptable for those following a gluten-free lifestyle, but unfortunately, North American manufacturers occasionally add wheat to it. Other foods can sometimes come into contact with gluten-containing foods if they are processed or packaged at facilities that work with such ingredients, rendering them unsuitable for gluten-free Clean Eaters. (Oats are a notorious example of this; be sure to check for 100% pure uncontaminated oats if you have a gluten sensitivity.) That’s why I love Bob’s Red Mill so much! No Gluten!


Even seemingly innocuous ingredients like curry powder, soy sauce or mustard should be thoroughly examined to uncover whether gluten lurks within before enjoying.


For the Superfoods for a Super You recipes that aren’t gluten-free as is, like the super-yummy Fig & Prosciutto Pasta, you can easily make minor modifications or substitutions that allow you to enjoy these dishes worry-free!


2. Why did you decide to focus on these 10 superfoods? The ten superfoods that inspired Superfoods for a Super You were selected to showcase new and exciting ways to prepare and enjoy Eat-Clean staples you already love, like chocolate, coconut oil and berries, but also inspire you to explore an exciting new world of delicious powerhouse foods you may not yet be familiar with, or used to eating frequently, like kelp noodles, spirulina, turmeric, collard greens and parsley.


3. Where can I purchase the 10 superfoods highlighted in Superfoods for a Super You? Most big box grocery stores carry nearly all 10 superfoods highlighted in my latest eCookbook – you may just need to do a little detective work in the aisles to find ‘em! Certain ingredients like tiger nut flour, spirulina and fresh turmeric root, may be more easily found at specialty or health stores, depending on the area you live in. Failing that, Amazon is an incredible resource with speedy delivery times!


4. Can’t I get the same nutritional benefits of these superfoods by taking vitamins or supplements? In a word: no. Vitamins and supplements have their place, but they cannot distill or replace the healthy benefits and inherent goodness of naturally occurring whole foods from the earth, one-to-one. Plus, pills from a bottle don’t offer an experience nearly as satisfying as biting into a ripe, juicy fig or savoring a mouthful of homemade Lentil Dahl loaded with love.


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