A Day in my Eat-Clean Life


Monday, November 24 5:30 am: Alarm. Alarm. Alarm! Hit Snooze - close eyes longer please? Place pillow over head, drift off. Alarm! Alarm! Getting up!


5:45 am: Finally up. Daylight savings time is bollocks. Too dark in the morning now. Never mind, stop whining. Get coffee and remember deal with self - get workout done early. On way over to kitchen, realize surprise snow is gone. Think I can skip and rebound outside.


5:55 am: Espresso dribbling into cup, dates in hand, water in belly. Almost time for workout. Body part in need of work? Abs, pooch, pot, love handles. Grab waistline, inspect for jiggles. Jump up and down. Something moving - alarm, alarm, alarm! Haha! Not iPhone alarm, is waist alarm - tighten up please, says waist. Ok. Is big job keeping tight.


6:10 am: Pull on high waisted Nike tights, they will stop jiggle I think. New advertising. Notice LuLuLemon has same. Back to high waists. Easier for long waisted lady like me. Also helps keep jiggle down to dull roar. LOL. Jog bra, check. Jacket, check. Gym shoes, check. Speed rope for skipping and Cellerciser for rebounding. Jam Box for jams.


6:20 am: Start cardio outside. Pitch black out here and freezing but will be warm soon. Place tramp on grass, slip on butt. Place tramp on stone, much better. Hit it Tiesto! Make me move faster. Pretty soon, Club Life podcast 398 waking up squirrels and me outside. Sweating now.


7:00 am: Watch sunrise while skipping and jumping. Is beautiful. Cold but pretty. Do HIITs, skip circuit and step work on tramp. Should create workout program for you - so fun. Oh! I am. Just wait until New Year - it’s coming.


7:40 am: Abs trashed. Suitcases, twisting v-sits with medicine ball, planks, reverse crunches with weights, runner’s sit-ups, stability ball pikes, super mans, barbell hip thrusts. Want to puke on floor, go so hard. Take that abs!


8:00 am: Managed to pick self off floor. Verrrry shaky. Feel like better to stay on floor but have meeting with Doctor Rachel, N.D. Need to shower and eat fast.


9:00 am: Loving cold leftover oats mixed with cranberries, yogurt, flax and cinnamon. Hot coffee. Yum.


9:05 am: Meeting starts. Dr. Rachel Corradetti is helping to build surprise program for New Year. So exciting. Going to be fabulous to help all get fit for New Year and stick to resolution.


10:30 am: Tea break. Chocolate treats from Raw Elements - Wiseone Superfoods chocolate - I’m dying. So good!


12:30 pm: Lunch! Made Ginger Pumpkin Soup. Hot soup perfect for weird stormy day. Tons of leftovers - will come in handy for quick lunch/dinner on other chilly days like this.




3:30 pm: Finished working. Have Tulsi tea and take break. Need to do laundry and walk dog.


4:45 pm: Aagh! Wind storm crazy up here. Was working on program on computer. Didn’t save in time - now power is out, again! Country living challenging. Have to pack and find internet somewhere else.


5:05 pm: Already dark now. Wind howling. No light. No heat. No cooking. More Ginger Pumpkin Soup. Leave house to find Internet.


5:08 pm: Tree branches down everywhere. Have to stop and lift large limbs off driveway. Strength training handy!


5:35 pm: Find restaurant with clean food + Internet. Magic combo. Have Thai Chicken Noodle Soup with veggies and jasmine tea. Charge phone and computer while eating.


6:45 pm: Hydro App says service still out. Go to Hunger Games movie - what else?


9:00 pm: Arrive home, fence down, trees down and power still out. Use flashlight to get in house. Make tea with gas range - no problem. Brush teeth with herbal tea - that’s a first. Snuggle in bed. Good night for sleeping. Good night.