1 Week Eat-Clean Menu Plan – Pt 2

You put 110% into every workout and you’re dedicated to Eating Clean, so enjoy your festive feast this Thanksgiving! No guilt, no worries; think of this meal as a well-deserved treat. And remember, you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen for an incredible meal – see my 3 hour Eat-Clean Thanksgiving Menu for 5 scrumptious recipes – it’s all about quality time with the family (I can’t wait to see my brother!)  

I received such amazing feedback from you on my first Eat-Clean 1 Week Menu that I thought this was not only a perfect time to release another, but also a fun way to introduce you to a few of the tasty recipes from my new Eat-Clean Diet eCookbook. Now we have a little plan, a little inspiration, to look forward to and get us back on track following Turkey Day!


I also know many of you were able to successfully strike sugar from your lives and ease into your #NoSugarNovember with the help of my first 1 Week Eat-Clean Menu Plan, so also consider this new clickable, printable PDF menu as a guide for transitioning back to everyday clean eating. (PS – way to go Strike Sugar Challenge Rockstars! Special shout out to Holly Parsons and my sisters at Kitchen Table!)


See how you can amp up your diet with powerhouse foods and how my new cookbook fits into your Eat-Clean life. Try this menu! Don’t forget, if you don’t eat meat or have nut allergies, please feel free to make modifications (e.g., swap meat-based proteins for plant-based proteins) that suit your dietary needs.


Thankful for you – today and everyday!

Tosca xo