Monday, December 8th, 2014  

12:01 am:  Facebook followers fired up about Huffington post article - The Pornographication of Fitness.  I may have written it under influence of Eat Clean® approved red wine.  Ladies carrying large timbers over shoulders post pic in agreement of article - strong is beautiful. Feel inspired to do same.  Sisters in Lumber new members of community?


12:10 am: Combo of Smooth Move and Nighty Night tea consumed.  Lights out. Mouth guard in. Sleep mask on.  Flannel PJs. Go to sleep.  What else?


6:30 am: Alarm.  iPhone awakening.  Hit Snooze until next alarm.  Inspired to do workout outside.  Fumble about for leggings, jacket and gloves.  Hat on head mandatory as hair is frightening.  Move bench, tramp, balls and cable outside.  Sounds like episode from 50 Shades, not exercise, but outfit not appropriate.  Need more rope.


6:45 am:  Poo Tea works!  Thank you Smooth Move!! Need hydration, half banana.  Ready to go!  Bring JamBox outside and start.  Cold air feels awesome.  I feel a bit wild working out in the dark but is nice too.  Do Bunnies and Balls circuit - sweaty even though cold out.  Is awesome.  Cold air makes me work harder, feel energized.


8:00 am: Oops, broke speakers on JamBox - too loud.  Got carried away.


8:05 am: Fuel up time.  Lovely hot greens + over easy eggs.  Cooked in coconut oil and turmeric - getting healthy, fighting stress, don’t want to get sick.  A little coffee.  Some blueberries.  Is a good breakfast.


9:00 am: Showered, clean, happy.  Feel inspired to write 12 Days of Giving.  Has been annual fun thing to do for you.  Gift giving stressful if no good ideas.  Don’t need to spend $$$ either.  So brain is working hard - ideas filling page.  Is easy.  Think of someone else.


10:45 am: Nosh on HBE + Hummus.  Drink Chaga mushroom tea with a Choco shot. Tastes like water from barn floor but @#$% I will be healthy.  Will drink anything.  LOLs.


11:30 am: Friend sends text. < Have friend who has sister who has friend who knows brother of nice man.  Is coffee with him ok? >  I send a text < Well, dinner with lawyer boring, dinner with local farmer shitty, dinner with still recovering, divorced, tall guy frightening, flirty text from long ago crush, completely hilarious – panty remover??? >  I send another text, < Ok, is man nice? Tall? Fit? Has brain? >  Long silence ….


12:55 pm: Bone broth bubbling on stove.  Making broth to have ready for soups and stews.  Put sliced cooked chicken in bottom of soup bowl, add 2 handfuls raw spinach. Pour broth on top. Lunch! Yum!  Is easy.  Still no text from friend setting me up with friend of friend of brother of sister of friend (or something).


1:25 pm: Text < Tosca, talking to friend of friend of sister of brother etc. today. > I text back, < What will I wear? Am boring, single lady. No need for nice clothes or sexy anything. Help! >  Oh, it’s not a coffee date yet.  But, what will I wear if it happens???  Sigh.  Run to office, keep writing.


1:55 pm:  Lou Ferrigno sends nice note.  Bobbi Brown sends nice note.  People warm and fuzzy this time of year.  I send nice note.  Warm and fuzzy too.


4:30 pm:  Work for day is done and brain is fried.  Writing is sitting but brain is working like steam engine.  Thinking all the time.  Need to refuel.  Have hummus and carrots.  Tulsi tea.


4:45 pm: Need to think about travel to Chicago.  Kiersten graduating.  What to wear? Pack? Take suitcase or carry on? Ugh! Have to be organized.  But YAY for KK!


5:30 pm: Review Christmas Gives list.  Try to find pictures.  Need photos - time for photo shoot but no time right now.  Too busy.


6:30 pm:  Dinner time.  Planned Leftovers.  Do this a lot.  Is nice because no pans.  Just put leftovers in plate and heat.  Is easy and always tastes better next day.


7:45 pm: Putting Christmas decorations up.  Feeling excited about home time with family.  Is Creature Comforts theme this year.  Good food. Fun. Play games.  Do puzzles. Enjoy friends and family.  Best thing.


10:15 pm: Bed time.  This chickadee tired.  Dreaming of “mystery coffee date” and of perfect outfit.  Christmas is for miracles.  May there be one for my heart.


Love and hugs,