January 17 was the last time we could walk the family dog, Davidson, on his favorite trail.  It was the last time we could take him for breakfast at the Hockley Valley General Store, where they love dogs and let them have treats.  It was also the last time we could get lots of kisses and licks from him as we put our beloved black lab down this day.  The family came together on Saturday to say our farewells at home.  We had Chelsea on FaceTime as she was in Halifax and wanted to be as near as possible.  Maggie, our border collie/black lab rescue, seemed to know something was up.  She gave Davidson cautious kisses and then stood near while the family gave final hugs and kisses too.   It will be so quiet now here at home and who will I walk the Rail Trail with?  I would traipse over fields and through snowy woods with Davidson.  He was fearless and graceful in the water.  Once he even took on a family of beavers - they can be vicious.  Whatever the case, Davidson was a gem and will be sorely missed.  Good bye dear Davidson.   Love and hugs,

Tosca and the Girls