Las Vegas Journal Entry

MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 2015  7:30 am (Las Vegas time): Wake up at a reasonable time, considering this is day 2 of on location photo shoot with fearsome fitness photographer, Terry Goodlad. Have shoot today but must do other work first - create Fitness Commitment Boost program. Still tired, with time change.   8:30 am: Breakfast of salad greens and omelette. Well have coffee too. Is favourite way to start day, even photo shoot day.   9:50 am: Back to room. Must take shower to rinse body and blend spray tan. Pack clothes for shoot.   11:05 am: Elaine Goodlad picks Kelsey and I up from our hotel. Off for a full day of shooting in the suburbs of Las Vegas.   12:12 pm: Arrive on set. After discussing looks, begin to organize outfits, hair and makeup. We decide to go with slicked back hair and a strong look. Like my life - pare it down to the simplest things but stay strong.   1:15 pm: Elaine does amazing work on my face. Eyes are smokey and strong. Beautiful, glowing skin, strong lips, cheeks. Love the face she makes for me.   1:25 pm: First test shots taken. Terry looks in camera, says “It’s a wrap!” LOL! Loves the light. Works the angles a bit and we start. Have not been in front of the camera much since Bob passed. Know it’s going to be challenging. Camera always searches for deepest, truest parts of self. Must be willing to push past all emotions. Have many emotions. Scared to let go. Terry asks, “What are you thinking?” Say, thinking of last photo shoot with Bob. Miss him. Miss the magic of making pictures with Bob. Trust Terry to do same. Put self in his hands.   2:15 pm: All barriers break down. Tears start. Don’t stop. Camera still there. Catching raw moments. Feel is okay to let camera capture this. For me. For strength. For you. My life not perfect but is okay not to be perfect. Better to be example of what is possible no matter how bad. Still have people who care. Who love. Is mission to keep telling story so someone else who has struggles can find better way.   4:23 pm: Have quick snack of raw almonds and apple. Brought almonds in suitcase after ordering from Same with Smooth Move and Night Night Tea. All from and have put in suitcase for trip.   6:30 pm: Photo shoot complete. Have many looks but all say same thing - Believe in self. Have faith in you.   6:45 - 7:30 pm: Do radio interview with Ana Tigre and Elaine Goodlad. Is show about fitness but not how to get beautiful biceps. Is about overcoming struggle through fitness to make self strong. Build flexible power so when life becomes challenging you bend not break. Is best way. Is way I have saved self, have overcome all. Show is inspiring. Great women like Elaine and Ana inspire other women.   7:35 pm: Have Thai food for dinner. Sorry Fitness Commitment but have been on set all day. Couldn’t prepare meal. Tomorrow back on track.   10:30 pm: Back at hotel and must write this blog. So tired eyes are closing. What a day! Should sleep well tonight.   Night all.   Life is good. Blessing of being with good people fills heart with light and love. Night, Tosca