#FitCommit KT Live Chat Highlights

Chatting with YOU, the kick @$$ Eat-Clean Community, has been one of the most uplifting things about #FitCommit. It charges me up and makes me feel like a proud Mama! This community is embracing, supportive and challenging – you keep me on my toes and inspire me to be the best I can so I can continue to serve you. It was so nice to take a little break from my jam-packed Las Vegas work trip yesterday to connect with my Sisters In Iron. Hugs!!  Between our three #FitCommit Kitchen Table live chats (1, 2, 3) and Twitter live chat, I’ve received many practical and thoughtful questions that are relevant to anyone Eating Clean and repping their way to their ideal fit, fab self – whether you’re on this #FitCommit journey with us or not.   Who among us can’t benefit from ideas on snacks to reach for in a time crunch? How to get back on the horse after a set back? Quick hacks for tightening the core and booty?   Wishing you all much success no matter your age or stage in this Eat-Clean life. Read on for some helpful #FitCommit questions and answers to keep you going hard, regardless of the nutrition and fitness goals you’re chasing right now.   I have an insane work/life schedule. I know everyone has this problem and I really try to make “me” a priority. If I’m stuck, working late or attending one of the many kids events, for example, what is your go to “get off the chair” quick move and what snack are you grabbing? – Catherine P.   Life can get the better of you in a flash, which is one reason I always put me first. I know that sounds arrogant but I can’t do a good job of life when I don’t even know how to care of myself. I always have much more energy and focus when I am well looked after.   So here it is: get on a trampoline and jump for a minimum of 15 minutes. No tramp? NO problem! Try a skip rope. Skip for 15. Always always always have HBEs or raw veg and nuts handy. Same for hummus and nut butter. I could fill a cooler for the day in 2 minutes with that kind of food and be okay for the whole day.   What are your top ways/tips for getting back on track when you fall off the wagon? How do you get started again when circumstances interfere/interrupt your commitment and focus? – Karen V.   We all fall off the wagon now and then. That’s life. That’s why I suggest you plan for days when things will go wrong and expect them. Don’t give up on yourself, just start again the next day with renewed commitment. In other words, give yourself a break – don’t quit, start again.   Would it be detrimental to eat the same things each day? – Lisa   It’s fine to swap lunch for dinner and vice versa. I often eat dinner for breakfast. Break the rules but follow the Eat Clean equation.   #FitCommit Upper Body Workout #1: how did you do it as an advanced person? Did you lift heavier? Super set? Any tips for folks between intermediate and advanced are appreciated. – Andrea B.   One way to make workouts more challenging is to circuit the exercises without taking breaks in between. I do that a lot. Another way is to hold the weights in each lifted position for a count of 3 to 5 (e.g., triceps kickbacks today I held for a count of 5 then lowered and repeated). Also, lift as heavy as possible. If the exercise is too easy, it’s not helping you. Doing exercises on a stability ball also increases the challenge because you have to balance while performing the move.   My calves feel so tight after Lower Body Workouts. What sorts of stretching can I do? – Lauren J.   I love that feeling of tight calves because, it’s a sign I have worked them hard. However, a way to avoid overly tight muscles anywhere on the body is to do 10 minutes of rolling your muscles with a knobby roller. In Cross Fit gyms, people are not allowed into the gym unless they have spent at least 10 minutes rolling and stretching their muscles first. I like to do it after a workout too.   Love the complete workouts (and videos you created – God you look amazing!!!). Cheat question – if I’m crunched for time what are the top 3 exercises for abs and butt? – Charlie R.   The truth is, a workout on a mini-tramp would kick some serious time crunched butt. I often shrink my workout time by killing it on the tramp for whatever time I have but minimum 15 minutes.   I told my husband and son I was doing this 4 week program, and asked if they wanted to eat the same meals right along with me, and they said yes! I’m just wondering, because they are men, and one a GROWING soon-to-be man, if their portions would be? Double what mine are? – Marlene P.   Keep in mind the portion hand guide found in the eBook. Male or female, child to adult, your portions should be appropriate to your hand size. If they are still hungry, add in another snack as long as it is in line with macronutrient guide they will see the same results! All in the family, I love that!   Hope you can join me for the next – and final! – #FitCommit Kitchen Table live chat happening next week. Stay tuned for details!   Hugs and success. Remember, I’m always listening Tosca