Journal: Thanks for this day & for you

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2015  6:00 am: Alarm goes off. Groan. -27 Canadian freaking cold degrees and I want to stay in bed. Warm there. Maggie hears me, licks my face. “Mom, get up. I have to pee.” Not about me right now. Step out of bed, feel EVERY muscle in body. Think, why? Oh! Back to trampolining - didn’t do it while away last week - wow! Forgot how much core trampoline work demands. Then remember, spent 5 hours shovelling snow yesterday too. Body reminds me, hurt is good. Muscles are awake.   6:15 am: Maggie out in the cold. I think, time to boil eggs, make smoothie as have to leave by 6:45 am for appointment. Hurry up and pee Maggie. Silly dog rolling in snow. Maybe I would too if I had a fur coat.   7:00 am: On the road. Day has begun. Find quiet, peaceful time in car, in dark, is good for brain. Think of my practice - what is practice? Is habits of life. Eating Clean, Training, Gratituding, Being Present in Moment. Like to work on self as sometimes feel frustrated, sad with so many struggles. In car, no one sees tears. Let them come. Who cares?   8:00 am: Have arrived at appointment. During hour in car, resolve to stay the course. Is good day. Saw the pink sun rise, beautiful sky overhead, people out and about and tell self, “I’m enough. Is enough.” Time to say thanks and get on with day.   11:00 am: Have 2 HBEs and carrot for #FitnessCommitment snack. Lots of water. Share amazing video from England of Girls Can with Missy Eliott singing Get Your Freak On. I feel like getting my freak on when I hear that. BTW, Missy blew the roof off the place at halftime Super Bowl show. She gets my vote.   12:30 pm: Driving home, think of new conversation about women and bodies. Is enough to be fit. Does body have to be completely jiggle free if still can run, jump, bend, lift, make love. Is good enough, no? Things changing now … people fed up with Photoshop, perfection, paparazzi perfect peeps. We are real. Have flaws. Jiggles. Crooked teeth. Good days, bad days. If body is able then is fabulous to own it. I work every day on evolving but not always perfect.   2:30 pm: Have smoked paprika, turmeric chicken on top of Asian chopped salad for lunch. Think of functioning healthy body. Think of workout to come. Have new trampoline to try out and am building program for Steven and Chris show, but you too. Think of tramp same as floor. Anything you can do on floor you can do on tramp. Is all about testing balance while lifting and sweating. But more fun on tramp! Always feel silly and light.   3:30 pm: After tramp session, finish Fitness Commitment workout. Love stronger shoulder feeling. Lifting heavier after just few weeks. Even my injuries feel better thanks to strength training. Program is as hard as you want it to be. I want it hard. Always push self to end so I feel completely emptied out after session. I don’t leave anything in the tank. Give it all to workout.   5:19 pm: Dinner is same chicken as lunch but add cooked greens. Snow is coming down. Take Maggie outside for a last walk and shovel. Feel blessed for day. Feel sore from workout today and all work yesterday. Come on in sore muscles - how else will I know if I hit them?   5:38 pm: Hey! Good news! Germany wants Eat-Clean Diet® Recharged. Finally wir kunnen Deutsch sprechen! LOL. Just showing off my German language skills. I will have new German brothers and sisters Eating Clean with the rest of us.   9:45 pm: Slip under covers with a Smooth Move Tea and my current read, Talk Like TED. Book is good for someone like me who wants to do better at public speaking. Books says be passionate. Check. Am passionate! You know it. Books says tell stories. Boy do I have stories to tell. That’s only chapter 2. More to come.   Night every one. Thanks for this day and for you. Thanks for hot tea and comfy bed. Thanks for life.   Hugs, Tosca