Wishing Love for All!

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2015   7:05 am: Snow, snow, snow. Still snowing here. “Get over it!” I tell self. What do you expect? It’s Canada. Snow and cold six months, construction to fix damage from snow and cold, remaining 6 months. Reality check girl! Layer up in fuzzy sweater and socks, jeans and move on!   8:35 am: Breakfast at small diner with Kelsey. Struggling to keep positive attitude with grey skies and cold. Latte in someone else’s kitchen will help. When in doubt, change location. Later, workout with tramp will help too. Maggie comes with us, has side of grass fed bacon. Yum! Small country diner welcomes pets, crazy people and those seeking change from own kitchen.   9:45 am: One veggie omelet later and fluffy latte later, head home in blinding sunshine. Oh, sun has remembered us up here! Thank you sun. Feel warmth on face and dream of beach.   10:05 am: Long day of calls, back to back. Plan to workout to Fitness Commitment Upper Body Workout #1 plus circuit this afternoon. Can’t do until 4:30 pm. Look out for gym time. Take care of self!   2:00 pm: 4 cups Tulsi tea and 6 phone calls later - phone covered in makeup from right ear. Remember to clean phone with alcohol wipes every day. Great progress. Need break from phone. Sit in office and see sun and blue sky. Put feet up on desk and close eyes.   Dreaming of times I sat in same office with Bob. Dreaming of Valentine's Day and flowers (always roses) he would send. Dreaming of romance. Dreaming of how to spend Valentines Day 2015. Can only think of self as person ready for romance. And ask, who will it be?   In this case have to love self. Means make Mayan Chocolate Meltaways from Superfoods book. I will eat as many as I want!! Plan dinner out with friends and family; check! Already booked. Will eat every aphrodisiac food - oysters, asparagus, almonds, bananas, figs, garlic. Yummy Fig and Prosciutto Pasta in Superfoods book. To die!   Make self feel sexy for dinner; check! Wear pretty red lingerie in lovely Hollyberry colour with newly toned, strong body shaped by Fitness Commitment. Wear body con, sexy black dress on top of all and nail it down hard with pair of very high, darn it, sexy heels even if temperature is -27 freezing Canadian degrees outside. Wear all, even trained body, like you mean it!!


4:30 pm: Time for workout. Fitness Commitment kicked my butt, some of yours too. Make it circuit today - teaser for Boost plan to come out right afterwards. Find shoulders getting stronger. Less pain from old injuries. Like new energy levels and sense of purpose. Day is good when filled with purpose.   5:15 pm: Take Maggie and Kelsey for walk in sunshine. Is too nice to be indoors even if freezing. Sun and quiet of trail makes peace come. Need sense of peace to be in balance. Taking care of self means after gym time and eating clean, must take care of head and heart. Walk is good for that. Just ask Maggie.   6:30 pm: Have delicious Beef and Barley soup that I made on weekend. Flavor is so good, can’t wait for soup to heat up. Made it with grass fed bones, so full of gelatine, protein and flavor. Love it. Warms me from the inside.   8:00 pm: Emergency trip to grocery store. Mayan Chocolate Meltaways recipe needs awesome chocolate. Got to get it! Also decide to make Chocolate Cashew Cream recipe. I’m in trouble. Can’t stop eating either once I make it. Must plan carefully. Last time Cashew Cream served, guests licked the bowl clean. Is fun to eat, creamy, delicious, dreamy food. A little bit 50 Shades happening in my head. Plan to see 50 Shades of Grey movie this weekend. Girlfriends only!   10:00 pm: Visions of chocolate. Visions of glass of wine. Visions of happy Valentine's Day. Close eyes and dream of same.   Wishing for love for you, me and family and friends.   Good night and good love, Tosca