“Why can’t I get rid of this fluffy middle?” If I have heard this complaint once, I have heard it a thousand times!   Every woman, even slim women, have some degree of puff in their midsection unless their body fat percentage is in the single digits. A set of love handles jiggling over the waistband is a frustrating thing – especially for those who train 5-6 times per week.   What if I told you that it’s possible the extra middle fluff may not be fat at all? Belly bloat is not simply a matter of fat. Bits of what we breathe in, eat and are exposed to in this highly toxic environment unfortunately do end up IN each of us. Fat is the safe storage compartment for toxic waste in the body. So, toxins make up some of the middle mess.   Are you avoiding belly bloat toxins as well as you think you are? Consider this check list:   • Did you drink enough water today? Was it purified? Tap contains fluoride, chloride and a host of chemicals. • Are your animal-based protein sources grass-fed and raised without hormones and antibiotics? • Are you eating wild-caught fish over farm-raised? Are you at risk for higher mercury exposure due to the amount of fish you consume? • Are you consuming too much sugar? It might be time to conquer your sweet tooth once and for all with my Strike Sugar Challenge. • Do you smoke? • Are your fruits and vegetables commercially grown, laden with pesticides? • Did you drive your car today? Chances are you breathed in toxic exhaust fumes.   While it may not be possible to strictly avoid all of the above, be mindful of these offenders and know that you can help your body work through this yucky stuff more effectively by stimulating your lymph system (“the river by which all junk is eliminated from the body”).   Wondering how? Get your blood pumping so your heart can more efficiently flush out the toxins. In addition to regular cardio, try this muffin-top-incinerating circuit. Aim to repeat the circuit 3-5 times (depending on your fitness level), with no breaks in between each exercise and a 60 second rest after each cycle is complete.   TOSCA’S NO LOVE FOR LOVE HANDLES CIRCUIT   5 MINUTE WARM UP   • Reverse crunch, 15 reps x 3 sets (you will have mastered this move by now if you were on the #FitCommit journey with me! If it’s too easy, do more reps or add ankle weights.) • Side plank, aim to hold for 60 seconds x 3 each side • Cross-body mountain climber, 40 x 3 sets • Sprinter crunch, 20 reps x 3 sets • Superman flutter, 20 reps x 3 sets (hold weights in your hands to make it harder.)   5 MINUTE COOL DOWN, including stretching   Want more belly fat blasting moves? Watch for my #FitCommit Boost program coming next week. Love handles be gone!   We know from the Body Beautiful, Body Healthy Formula that abs are largely made in the kitchen. Keep your muffin top in check by trying this Clean Morning Muffin recipe instead of store-bought or coffee shop versions that can be loaded with fat, sugar and oils. I promise this morning treat won’t steer you wrong with healthy fats, protein, and gluten-free almond meal (the chocolate chips are optional)!   Remember, I’m always listening Tosca