Eat Clean at Every Stage

Just Getting StartedRestoring your health with nutrition and other natural therapies means working with the body’s biochemistry to help it get back to the point at which it wants to be – in homeostasis or perfect health. Surprisingly the most basic and often most effective therapy can be found most simply in your diet.   A proper diet provides the body with the raw materials, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phyto-chemicals, protein, fats and water, needed to begin to detoxify and heal itself.   Baby steps in the right direction will help you transition to this new way of living and ensure lasting success. Set goals for compliance and persist. Don’t forget to aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of movement per day for maximum Eat-Clean benefits!   Baby steps you can take today: 1. Identify your hidden food – the one treat you can’t say no to – and break up with it for good 2. Clean out your kitchen, replacing processed foods with minimally-processed, vibrant whole foods 3. Drink more water – aim for 3 liters per day 4. Strike refined Sugar from your diet – if you need a hit of something sweet, reach for a small amount of 100% pure Maple Syrup, organic honey or homemade fruit puree with no added sugar 5. Eat more vegetables – they’re loaded with fiber, folic acid, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that make your gut and waistline happy 6. Check out my 1 Week Eat-Clean Meal Plans (1 & 2) for recipes & inspiration 7. Review my Tools for more helpful resources and to learn about my Eat-Clean Principles 8. You may also find my book the Start Here Diet useful as you embark on this empowering journey

  Fell Off the Wagon We all fall off the wagon every now – even me after 15 years of pioneering the Eat-Clean Diet movement. We must proactively plan for obstacles by checking restaurant menus ahead of time, making extras of Clean meals and snacks, packing a cooler of hardboiled eggs, fruit, vegetables, nut butters and hummus for long days we’re not near a kitchen, and anticipating other situations where our Eat-Clean routine may be disrupted.

  Remember, you know how good it feels to Eat Clean because you’ve done it before. Do not waste energy beating yourself up about one bad day. Simply start again tomorrow.

  Trying to Become Pregnant Eating Clean and ensuring your diet is full of nutrients is not only essential for good health in general, but also boosts fertility in both males and females.   One of the most effective ways you can boost fertility through diet is to consume essential fatty acids such as Omega-3. Taking two types of Omega-3 fatty acids – EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) – before conception, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding has benefits that last far beyond your baby’s first few years well into adult life. Foods rich in Omega-3s include flaxseeds, walnuts, sardines, salmon, beef and organic soybeans.   While Eating Clean is one piece of the complex puzzle that is each individual’s fertility, be sure to speak with your healthcare professional for more information to create a personalized fertility plan.

  Pregnant Since Eating Clean is simply a lifestyle way of eating centered on nutrient-dense whole foods, it is completely safe to continue eating this way during pregnancy. In fact, Eating Clean ensures you will be eating abundant good nutrients for both mother and child. If you are not already eating this way, it is an important opportunity to cleanse the body and prepare a healthy place for the child to grow.   Morning sickness and cravings might be part of your pregnancy, but this does not mean you need to throw away your Eat-Clean lifestyle!   Here are some Eat-Clean treats to help satisfy you:Chocolate Cashew CreamVirgin Pomegranate MocktailEat-Clean PizzaCrispy Chicken BitesClean Eating Guacamole

  Menopausal Menopause causes havoc with calcium levels. This important mineral is responsible for keeping bones strong and dense but during menopause, decreasing hormones rob the bones of calcium, making them brittle. After menopause, women require approximately 1500 milligrams of calcium daily. Aside from organic dairy products from grass-fed animals, legumes, sardines, dark leafy greens (think kale and turnip greens) and organic soybeans are great sources of calcium.   Another important aspect of managing menopause is to pay attention to diet. Now is the time to eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean protein. Hey! That sounds like the Eat-Clean Diet! There is no better way to eat. My favorite additions are ground flaxseed, toasted wheat germ and bee pollen, all of which I throw onto my hot oatmeal. Nutritionists claim that eating as much as ¼ cup of wheat germ helps control hot flashes and that eating flaxseed moderates mood swings. Wow! So much to know! I promise if you try these simple things, you will feel better and I want you to.   Remember, I'm always listening, Tosca