Sitting on your tukkus is a killer

It’s nearly over, February, you challenging, frightening and frigid month! Yes we had Valentine’s Day and I may have enjoyed one too many Mayan Cocoa Meltaways but this month of 28 (sometimes 29) days has tested me, and many others, with record breaking cold not seen since weather has been recorded, grey skies and snowfalls. I have done my best February, to keep a smiley face going, but you’ve busted me. It’s time for some clean up, my idea of a perfect distraction. (I know, pathetic eh?) I’m giving up on the sun and turning my thoughts to spring and spring cleaning. I’m a Dutch born clean freak - it’s what I do best. Give me a vacuum and a hit of bleach and I’m orbiting into heaven. I started by making a date with Dyson. Dyson really does it for me. He’s got all the right moving parts (balls, pipes, and an engine that won’t quit), goes where I tell him to and has great suction. He knows just how to please this woman.

Are ya freakin’ out? Dyson is my vacuum cleaner and my date with “him” was vacuuming my beds, bedding and couches - mattresses get gross you know! Besides I fell prey to Dyson’s cool marketing strategy stating people’s allergies and itches are often the result of 2 million dust mites and their faecal droppings, living in mattresses. Are ya kiddin’ me? Nope. Turns out dust mites like them some warm sweaty conditions.

So while I was pushing Dyson around making him earn his keep, I got to thinking. Those Dyson folks are onto something. I want a turbo charged clean up for my own moving parts. They’ve been around for 55 years and could do with a Dutch style spring clean up too, couldn’t they? I got to envisioning how awesome it would be to suck out all that grime and millions of bits of poopy, goopy crap that floats around in my body - and yes, yours too.

As I emptied out Dyson’s canister - geez you should see how much um, fecal matter and other @#$% he sucked up! - I thought I would wage war on a body clean-up of giant magnitude. It would be a workout to beat workouts. It would be a sweat session to fill a bucket. A pump to scare your kids into thinking you were Arnold himself. A workout to burn fat faster than your Teflon pan over a hot flame. Yep. It would be a circ-out.

Why not? We need the help especially when it comes to your tukkus. You do it and I do it. I’m doing it right now. Sitting on your tukkus is a killer. Sitting is the new smoking people! Sitting is now killing more people than cigarettes did and that’s a lot of people. And while we are sitting, we are eating and we are eating crap and we are getting fat and we are killing ourselves this way. Earlier this month Apple CEO, Tim Cook took it a step further and said that “a lot of doctors believe sitting is the new cancer.” In short, sitting is the new smoking, is the new cancer.

Well have I got a cure for that! Fitness Commitment, the 4 week all in, hell bent for leather, nutrition and training program put together by, yes, moi and my daughter and naturopathic doctor Rachel, helped rocket our New Year resolutions into existence and we loved it! We ate it up! We had results and we talked about it. Folks reported weight loss, improved energy, a return of libido (Amen! and 50 Shades of Shagging) and a whole bunch of good stuff and then asked for more.

Naturally Fitness Commitment gave birth to the Fitness Commitment Boost program - a little two week offshoot of cardiovascular goodness me and a lot of pump-up-my-muscles, hello-where-have-you-been followed by food to fuel the pickiest I-don’t-like-it eaters. Hey! Anybody can clean up in two weeks. And as I finished tearing up the house with Dyson, I thought how perfect it would be to get y’all on the Boost.

Two weeks is nothing and everything. It’s enough time to clean you up, straighten you out and uncover your hidden gems - lose up to 10 pounds and find those muscles just in time for spring (the season that follows winter and is around here somewhere). Do it for you. Clean yourself up, air out your pipes with a little Fitness Commitment Boost 2 week spring cleaning challenge. You’re gonna love how you look and feel. Dare ya to try it!!

Are you still sitting there? Order your Boost and get moving March 2!

Warm hugs and a bucket full of sunshine, Tosca