#FitBoost FAQs

 Why did you create #FitBoost? I created #FitBoost for a few reasons. First, this is a follow-up tool to help all those who participated in my 4 Week Fitness Commitment Program maintain, and enhance, their fabulous results. We’ve come so far – now let’s boost it up!!   #FitBoost is also helpful for easing into my 4 Week Fitness Commitment Program. I’m always listening to your feedback and some in our Eat-Clean community were hesitant to commit #FitCommit due to financial or time constraints. #FitBoost ups the burn in less time! Since no woman or man is left behind in this incredible community of ours, this group also inspired #FitBoost.   Do I need a gym membership? What equipment is involved? A gym membership is not required – you can work out in the comfort of your own home! Ensure you have ample room to comfortably and properly perform each exercise.   TR_BoostBlog-01   Is the meal plan compatible with my vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/grain-free lifestyle? Just like Fitness Commitment, there are meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free recipes included in #FitBoost, as well as suggestions throughout on how to modify the other recipes to fit with your dietary needs.   What can I expect from participating in your 2 Week #FitBoost Challenge? • Up to 10 pounds in weight loss (results will vary depending on fitness level and weight prior to challenge) • More restful sleep • Enhanced energy levels • Learn how to incorporate healthy habits into everyday life so you can continue thriving once the challenge ends • Pumped up self-confidence • 2 weeks of challenging and fun dedication; ultimately, one huge sense of accomplishment   What do I do once the two weeks are up? Cycle through #FitBoost as many times as you’d like and keep it interesting by switching up the exercises in each circuit and building new Eat-Clean meals using the macros guide! You can also move on to the 4 Week Fitness Commitment Program.   TR_BoostBlog-02   Are you ready to boost your fitness when the challenge begins March 2? Do you have other questions about the challenge or the program? Connect with me in the comments below!   Hugs and boosted health, Tosca