Support System Check Up

A solid support system can play a huge role in your success once you’ve made the decision to change your life through exercising and eating in a more healthy way. This is why the community aspect of #FitBoost is so dear to me. We see our fellow Sisters and Brothers in Iron repping and eating their way to a healthier self, sharing their pictures, progress, challenges and triumphs, and it reminds us that we’re not alone on this journey.  But what about those in our support network who aren’t on the same journey? How do you handle hubby coming home from a work with a pizza in tow? An unexpected box of chocolates from a client waiting for you on your desk? Yikes! I can hear the temptation alarm sounding off loud and clear! I can relate all too well to scenarios like these. As my own tide was turning against mindless, uninformed eating and I was making deals with myself to stick to the regimen of six meals a day comprised of protein and complex carbs, I ran straight into the arms of the saboteurs.   Enter the power of a strong network of supporters. This is one of many strategies to help you stay the course that you can employ starting TODAY. (Hot tip: keeping a journal of your eating and training and scheduling your workouts are also simple but effective ways to keep your focus laser-beam clear!)  

Build a solid support system in 6 steps:

  1. Prepare the people in your life (family, friends, co-workers) by telling them about the changes you are making to your lifestyle and how important this is for you. If you are the preparer of the family meals, try making your meals in advance (make extras for leftovers too!) so you don’t run out of time and end up not doing it. Encourage your family to try what you’re eating too, since it’s delicious and loaded with health!   2. Buddy up with a friend who’s also looking to become more active, clean up their eating, Strike Sugar or take on my #FitBoost or #FitCommit challenges. Make a pact to embark on this adventure together and touch base often about how you’re feeling, your progress, obstacles and achievements. If your friend doesn’t live nearby, schedule regular Skype or telephone dates to stay accountable.   3. Get ready for people to derail you. This is usually not done intentionally or in a mean-spirited way, but out of fear of you changing or a misunderstanding about your level of seriousness. Gently remind them that you are fully committed and need their positive support.   4. Get yourself on board – truly. This means no beating yourself up! Remind yourself you’re a work in progress.   5. Connect with me one-on-one! Be a guest on my new television show, join my studio audience, or come up and say hello at one of my upcoming events. My mission is to serve YOU through providing the support and guidance you need for success – plus, I have walked a mile in your shoes – so my sincere wish is that you consider me part of your support network. I’m also available for one-on-one consults.   6. Stop by Facebook Page and Kitchen Table to connect with others just like you and for recipes, tips, support and articles to keep you inspired and going hard.   Remember, I’m always listening Tosca