It Worked Then & It Works Now

Many people complain and whine to me saying they just can’t lose weight no matter what. Not even Eating Clean works. They quickly follow up with the old “… and you are a celebrity OR you have help OR genetics are on your side.” Sometimes I feel like I’m being accused of something. Even my sister has cheekily suggested that it’s easier for me than her. I don’t know how, but that is what she said.  I get it already. So you think it’s easy. I wouldn’t say that but I’m going to let you be the judge. Here is a day of eating and training and then, after you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, you can tell me if it’s easy or not. Especially tell me this after a week or a month or two. I’d love to hear your take.  


I have found that I can’t eat much before training so I drink my morning water, about a litre, spiked with USS - unrefined sea salt - and lemon juice. I follow that with an espresso and two Medjool dates. I’m mentally preparing myself for my workout, meaning, I’m reviewing my goals and planning my workout. I head to the gym.   This works for me but I know some of you need more fuel before your sweat session so you have to figure out that important piece - what works for you? What I do, I have experimented with over time, so I’m comfortable it works for me. You do you.   In the gym I always start with a trampoline session. I do that because it gets things moving, muscles warmed up and my head in the game. After a 5 minute warmup, I crank up the music and the intensity of my trampoline work. The goal is to sweat and keep myself moving for a minimum of 30 minutes. A minimum. I am a better person when I get super physical. I need to go hard for healthy mental space. I often combine trampoline work with skipping for a serious workout. I will even do my weight workout on the trampoline for extra core challenge.   I keep sipping on my water and journal what I have done. “Thirty minutes cardio tramp, high intensity mixed with plyometrics and skipping.”   Back at the trampoline, I begin my ab work. Abs can take a heavy hit so I’m working on increasing the number of reps I do of my current favourite move. It is the bicycle crunch into pike. I have done 5 sets of 20 reps - one rep is “twist left, twist right, then pike up.” It’s a deadly accurate ab move that hurts a lot, meaning I can feel it digging at my core. When this becomes too easy I will add a medicine ball or ankle weights. Doing it while on the trampoline is harder than on hard ground. I know. I tested it out. “5 sets bicycle crunch into pike, 20 full reps per set.”   I record this in my journal and move on to back training. Today it’s lat pulldowns and seated row. I like to work my back so I put everything into it. “5 sets lat pulldowns, increasing weight, 8 - 12 reps. 5 sets seated row, increasing weight 8 to 20 reps. 5 sets single arm row, increasing weights, 8 - 12 reps.”   Again I record my work and go on to assisted pushups and pull-ups. I use my resistance bands to perfect technique and to build strength. I’m still trying to improve strength and flexibility in my shoulders after injuries. “5 sets of assisted pushups, 12 reps and 5 sets of pull-ups, as many as I can. To failure.”   Now it’s time to eat. After a workout I need to fuel up. I put some rice bran oil in the pan and grate fresh turmeric root into the oil. I let the oil heat up until the turmeric is fragrant. I add 2 whole organic eggs and cook them over easy. I slice up 1/2 cup fresh strawberries and put 2 dollops of kefir on top along with some bee pollen and pumpkin seeds. I shoot another espresso and that’s breakfast.   If I’m in a rush I build a fast and furious smoothie using Sunwarrior protein powder as a base and toss in chia and flax seeds, hands full of greens - kale or spinach or both, celery + leaves, cinnamon for blood sugar control, coconut oil, berries and coconut water. This takes the pressure off of that nagging “what do I eat?” question.  


Later I have 1/2 of an avocado for healthy fat and top it with some hemp hearts and chopped cucumber and celery. I just spoon it out of the skin. It’s delicious and fast. I hydrate with Tulsi tea and plenty of alkaline water - I use the Santevia water filter.   Lunch is 2 cups steamed, chopped broccoli drizzled with pumpkin seed oil and coconut vinegar. I dust with flaxseeds and hemp hearts. Water and another Tulsi tea complete the meal.   While I’m creating this blog post I’m sipping on water and munching on raw carrots and hummus. I always have hummus on hand because it’s highly spreadable, portable and nutritious without being complicated.  


Dinner tonight is going to be a birthday celebration with my friend Pia at a nearby restaurant. I know the menu will offer either chicken or salmon and steamed vegetables. I also know I will have some red wine, because it’s a celebration. Not sure what will be for dessert but I do know we can treat ourselves so it may be cake and it may be chocolate with a light and frothy cappuccino. I’d rather have the cappuccino than cake any day.   The way I eat and train is how I feel best. I know for example, that I feel best when I eat more fat. I feel awful when I eat too many grain carbs and bread. It’s easy to manage nutrition when you know what works for you. Cutting out entire food groups, like the old cabbage soup diet fad, doesn’t work, at least not for long. I know you have to eat all three macronutrients in the right ratios for optimal health. Starving and calorie counting don’t work at all.   Fifteen years ago I regained a lean, healthy body and a balanced mind by Eating Clean. It worked then and it works now. It works because clean, nutrient dense, whole foods bring all nutrients to your plate, not unwanted chemicals and dead foods. Figure out what works for you and remember, You Do You!   Now tell me all about you...