Friday Morning 7:00 am Body is more tired from exhausting emotions than workout. I’m in Chester, New Jersey, where Kelsey was born, for a dear friend’s funeral. I am totally worn out, feeling sadness, pain and loss all over again. Echoes of loss all too familiar.   Time to replenish myself with proper physical workout, but not yet. Lying in bed I open eyes, consider ceiling for a while. Reach for earphones and do mini meditation with Andy from Headspace App. Ten minutes not hard to find no matter how busy. Besides, love Andy’s voice.   7:41 am: Sitting in my friend Angie Laufer’s kitchen together with Holly Hayden and others, preparing for our friend’s funeral - all of us exhausted and sad. We are having coffee and loads of water - does crying make you thirsty? Added Wake Well to my first litre to replenish minerals and energy. Make another one for upcoming workout. Another friend picking me up to do cardio kick boxing workout.   Two wakes held yesterday. Today we take a break so we can regroup for the funeral, which is tomorrow. Part of my break includes working out and I need it badly. Got to find some clear headspace.   7:50 am: Thinking about breakfast. Hard to Eat Clean in someone else’s home and I do feel silly making a dozen hard boiled eggs and eating them all but hey...It will be hard boiled eggs and an apple again this morning. Challenging to make it work but good solid protein and fruit carbs give me energy to get through.




9:00 am: Go time! I have a date with a tough exercise class. Hope my eggs and apples will hold. Grab Wake Well drink and head out the door. My friend Karen Jones is teaching and I hope I can keep up with her. This girl is a tank.   9:30 am: Karen leads us to the floor where she and I tag team the warm up. There are 9 of us today and Karen shows no mercy. With cardio kickboxing we go hard on the bag, punching, kicking, lunging, crunching and sweating like mad. I’m leaving wet spots everywhere, that’s how hard we are working.




10:35 am: We finish by lying on the floor and listening, in Shavasana pose, to Of Heaven and Earth by Jai-Jagdeesh. It was a beautiful way to close out the workout and to bring each of us into a peaceful and grateful state of mind for the rest of our day. It made me think of the reason I was here in the first place, to say goodbye to Nancy, the first friend I made in this delightful town. I just closed my eyes and went with it. Tears were slipping from my eyes but I let it all happen, let it all go.   11:00 am: Karen and I head out to a cute little organic cafe called The Robin’s Nest, where we indulged in cafe lattes and a delicious vegetable omelette liberally doused with herbs and green veg. I had a delicious green salad while Karen enjoyed fruit salad. For post workout hydration, I finished my Wake Well in water.   12:30 pm: Karen and I had loads to talk about - love, healing, our lives, our children, how we both love to garden and workout and her new little grandson, Shepherd Stuart (what a gorgeous name!). We both have gone through so much struggle and the people we love here in Chester are grieving so much we decide to make bone broth soup, so we head over to the Chester Meat Market and buy grass fed bones for the broth. Then we find vibrant, organic vegetables to layer into the stock. Don’t forget the ACV - apple cider vinegar - necessary to pull minerals and nutrients from the bones. At quick stop at Karen’s garden yielded some oregano and bay leaves which are ideal herbs for creating depth in the stock. I confess my love of gardening was boosted by Karen, we both are happiest playing in the dirt!   2:30 pm: We pile into Angie’s kitchen, always the center, the pulse of our little neighbourhood, for coffee and a catchup. My energy is waning a bit so I take a Revive Well chew or two to pick myself up. I didn’t even grab a coffee - these little chews work so well to re-energize me.   I begin to prepare the bone broth in Angie’s kitchen loving the idea of building this nourishing broth to help with the healing process. Angie has been standing right beside the Strampfer family since early Monday morning, never stopping to sit and eat unless I make her. So I felt the gift of healing health in the bone broth soup would be something I could do for her. Karen is making the same soup in her little kitchen in Flanders, where she will share her beautiful broth with her grandson’s mother and father.   For me, creating soup like this, is a nurturing as well as nurturing process. It grounds me. Makes me feel very connected to the food I am preparing.




4:30 pm: Time for a shower and a rest. These days have been long and emotional. The past two nights I have put the Rest Well crystals in my water and have had deep and restorative sleeps but I’m out of them now as I have shared the many packets I brought with my friends here who I thought could benefit from them too. I hope I can sleep tonight. Tomorrow is the funeral. I have had plenty of those to witness in my life and I know what will happen, know how much I will be thinking of Braden and Bob, know what will come up for me emotionally. But I am here to offer my support because I have knowledge of these events. I am here to give what I can, and that’s me and that has to be enough.