Meet Well & Company

Today the Food Babe got her @$$ kicked by the Science Babe. That volley of words proves the internet is both a scary and awesome place to improve one’s total volume of knowledge (or not). What was most illuminating for me about these two women going at each other, using word bombs, is that we should be on the alert for less than credible sources of information - so how do we do that? Who do we trust? And, if food is the big question, what do we eat?When I entered the fray of the blogosphere, more than a decade ago, I did so with two degrees under my belt and a tremendous desire to delve completely into the world of nutrition. That propelled me into taking my degree in Nutritional Therapy from the Nutritional Therapy Association® - a course well worth taking if you have any degree of curiosity about nutrition and its’ effects on humans. Yet I still find myself wanting to know more, dig deeper. I have participated in numerous summits and seminars and still my feeling is that I must learn more. I am beginning to give much thought to taking a Masters program in nutrition. Just doing the research on that now.


After reading the Food Babe’s comments and the answering missile from Science Babe, I was confirmed of my urge to get smarter. Neither of these women are one hundred per cent right nor one hundred per cent wrong and that’s the problem. Misinformation makes a mess of things. That is why I feel, when I have introduced the revolution of Eating Clean® into the mix, it was done with the intention of providing information, an alternative to the SDA (Standard North American Diet) that admittedly, is killing us.

Through my own experimentation and practice, I learned I could clean up my health quickly using food as my cure. Where I was once a 204 pound obese woman, I am now a lean and muscular 142 pound woman with no osteoporosis, illness or mental imbalance. Eating Clean® did that for me. It also eliminated my blood sugar dis-regulation - although undiagnosed, I was on my way to developing Type II diabetes thanks to my poor eating and overweight condition. Taking it a step further, Eating Clean® helped me improve my chances against developing heart disease - something that is definitely in my genes thanks to my dad. Through my experimentation and real time work with clean foods and exercise, I healed myself, reversing the blood sugar shakes, clamminess, irritability and racing heart. Together with practising the Eat Clean® lifestyle and exercise, then furthering my education I have grasped just how surely “food is thy medicine.” I have never felt better. But I experience a great deal of freedom in my eating. I don’t call myself Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, carb counting crazy, lacto-ovo or anything else. I call myself someone who Eats Clean. I can Eat Clean while I eat Paleo. I can Eat Clean as a vegetarian. I can Eat Clean as a carnivore or a vegan too. What it means to Eat Clean is to be flexible while following a few basic principles to guide you through. To be clear, I own this space. I founded the movement together with Robert Kennedy and no amount of young upstarts claiming they are the Eat Clean experts should convince you otherwise. I’m the original and proud of it. I work with a naturopathic doctors to ensure excellent, high quality, current, science based knowledge about anything related to nutrition and health, including Eating Clean®. If you want the best information, this is the place to get it. I hold myself to a very high standard. On that note, I have begun a new relationship with another naturopathic doctor, Dr. James Rouse, based in the US. Our partnership came about when I was looking for a quality line of supplements that would help us all get through our busy and often challenging days. Dr. James’ vision is lived out in Well & Company where the goal to provide high quality, plant based supplements with little or no sugars (they use Stevia, a plant based sweetener) finds space. With phytonutrients like quercetin, antioxidants, B vitamins and green tea, these supplements are natural and I feel confident taking them when I need to, myself. I feel confident telling you to take them, if you feel the need to supplement. It has taken me over a decade to find a company with credentials and knowledge behind them sufficient to join them. I have been highly cautious and discerning, particularly about ingredients. They had to be clean! Knowing this should help you find comfort in this exciting partnership and trying out their supplements too.


Some of you have suggested that in partnering with Well & Company I have “sold out,” and that an Eat Clean Diet® should provide all the nutrients one could want. It’s true our diet should sustain us. That should be the case whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, gluten free or otherwise. Sometimes we need the boost from additional supplementation.

Stress can do a real number on you. Why not support your body with a natural, plant based supplement? You’ve lost a spouse, job, friend, parent, you’re depressed, anxious, have to move, just had a baby … you aren’t sleeping. Why not give your body the help it needs to get you closer to a better quality sleep? Sell out? I’m excited about working with Well & Company because the values and supplements fit in perfectly with the Eat Clean® lifestyle, my brand, my baby, that I have taken years to create, nurture, build and grow. Besides humans are born to collaborate. When we work together we accomplish more than on our own. In case you think I have "sold out" I beg to differ. Since I started in this industry, in 2003, I have NEVER worked with another vehicle other than my own. I didn’t make the decision to partner with Well & Company lightly. I am looking forward to the collaboration and new ideas that will bloom from it. As always, I am listening. Tosca Reno