Q&A with Dr. James Rouse

I travelled to San Francisco this week to work directly with the Well&Company team and to dip my toes in the waters of their particular brand of wellness passion. The vibe is like plant based love science and you can feel it the minute you talk to any one of the crew. They are honest, open-faced people with a burning desire to connect through the love of wellness.  One such captivating individual is Dr. James himself. He practically vibrates with the radiant energy of health, and since we are all electrical beings, I don’t say that lightly. When you are in his presence his positive energy flows right into you. Sit down and chat with him for a few minutes and your microbiome is doing a happy dance. At lunch yesterday, everyone waited for him to order and took our cues from him and that’s saying a lot for me, the Eat Clean originator. What did we eat? Glutathione rich asparagus, healthy fat loaded avocado – 2 of them sliced beautifully on a special platter just because Dr. James asked for it – fiber and nutrient rich greens and ahi tuna. The joke back at the office was, we were “mainlining asparagus” that’s how nourished we were.   But I had questions for Dr. James. You have been asking plenty of them and my mission is to serve you so here we go. Answers from the very fit, very healthy, Dr. James.   TR: Hello Dr. James - it’s been such a pleasure and invigorating experience to meet you in person!   DR. JAMES: Hello dear sister! Thank you for being openly awesome – I’m holding every blessing for you! My pleasure and my honour too.   TR: Let’s start with the basics! Are the Well&Company products vegan or vegetarian?   DR. JAMES: Wake and Revive Well, yes, are vegan. Wake Well has honey so technically not strictly vegan.   TR: My fans are asking if the products are also Gluten Free. I understand and respect their concern for avoiding this potentially damaging wheat protein.   DR JAMES: Agreed. Yes, I can gladly tell you they are Gluten Free.   TR: How can one most effectively incorporate Well&Co products into a Clean Eating lifestyle/training regimen?   DR. JAMES: Wake Well to start the day, Revive Well to navigate the afternoon and Rest Well in the evening for ease of falling and staying asleep.   TR: Taste is often important. How would you describe the taste of Well&Co products?   DR. JAMES: The Well&Company products taste good considering that they have lots of functional nutrition. Would you agree?   TR: Absolutely! Yesterday we talked about quercetin, a primary ingredient in Well&Company products. I learned it is found in the skins of apples, grapes, red onions, some teas, nuts, berries and cabbage, but has a potent flavor that doesn’t do well on its own. Formulated into Well&Company’s offerings, you get the value of the nutrient ensconced in clean, naturally-derived sweet ingredients like stevia and honey. From personal experience, I can say the taste is satisfying. Since I have rid myself of sugar for the last 15 years, I have a highly sensitive palate. I don’t love the taste of sugar as I once did, but the Well&Co products are just the right amount of sweet either from stevia or honey and you can dilute them down with water if you find them overly so.   DR. JAMES: I’m glad you were listening at our lunch yesterday!   TR: I’m always listening - it’s my natural inclination! Tell us a little about the Well&Co mission and your training.   DR. JAMES: I’m a primary care trained naturopathic physician with post doctorate training in Chinese Medicine. When I started Well&Co, I had a very clear vision that stands in everything we do. Our mission is to create a self-care and a self love revolution.   TR: Can we expect to see these revolutionary Well&Co products in Canada?   DR. JAMES: Well&Company in Canada? In process and coming soon!!   Note from TR: We can all breathe a sigh of relief now – Canadians can soon experience these offerings! I am sorely tempted to say “I told you so!” but I just remembered my manners.   TR: The one question everyone will have for us is - will there be Eat Clean® and Well&Company products in the future - perhaps protein bars or powder?   DR. JAMES: It is a privilege to be co-creating alongside you Tosca. I am very excited and inspired in how the Universe does conspire for us when we lead with our hearts and live the knowing that we are alive to the degree that we serve - so let's serve up something beautiful, meaningful and transformational. Well & Clean – yes, and looking forward to it!   TR: I too am beyond thrilled about our upcoming collaboration! I’m already in love with your current products and am inspired to create a Well & Clean line of products in the future too.   DR. JAMES: We are honored and delighted to be working, building and co-creating alongside you and the Eat Clean brand. You are the living embodiment of love, light and awesomeness in action! Thank you for being who you are – heart centered, courageous and a light bearer. It is an honor and blessing to be co-creating with you – thank you!

  As I begin this exciting collaboration with Well&Company, it has quickly become clear that something unique is underfoot in this company. Although their mission is to deliver functional nutrition to help people more optimally get through their day, they don’t lead with that. Rather, what is palpable, is the initiative to bring balance and optimal wellness to each and every one of us. By sharing their beautiful products with the universe, they accomplish this task. I am honored to be part of this movement. I welcome you all to join in.   Remember, Yes - I really am always listening. Warmly, Tosca Reno