I always say “planning ahead is planning for success”. You create a meal plan and training schedule for the week and stick with it. Sounds pretty simple, right? Easier said than done sometimes!  It can be challenging to carve out time in your busy days to plan your Clean Eating meals for the week. Try to squeeze in time for training and it can seem so overwhelming you may just give up! Well, not on my watch. I want you to make yourself your priority. I want to push you closer towards your goals.   My latest 1 Week Eat Clean Menu Plan is not only loaded with delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes to inspire you and guide you, it also provides training suggestions – that’s right, when to train and what to train! Consider this a bird’s eye view of your week. I’ve done all the planning so you can go hard in the kitchen and gym and concentrate on making the wellness magic happen.   Simply click here to view my clickable, printable 1 Week Eat Clean Meal Plan. Explore the recipes within by clicking the highlighted links. Print off the plan and recipes, or bookmark them on your computer, laptop or iPad, and you’re good to go!   It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Summer Body prep mode, doing a spring clean-up of your nutrition and fitness habits, prepping for our Strike Sugar Challenge this May, or simply looking for some variety – I’ve got you covered with this plan.   As always, please feel free to make modifications to suit your dietary restrictions and allergies. It is fine to swap meat-based proteins for plant-based varieties if you are vegan or vegetarian. Replace nuts with seeds for snacks. Remember, I’m always listening. Let’s work together on making these recipes work for you and your lifestyle. Submit any questions you may have in the comments section below.   Ready? Click here to download the 1 Week Eat Clean Menu Plan + Training Schedule. You’ve got this! You’ve absolutely got this!   To a grand Clean Eating week, my Brothers and Sisters in Health & Wellness, Tosca