Your Forever Lean Body - How to Get it and KEEP it!

Owning a lean body, the great North American past time, is the pursuit of millions as overweight and obesity numbers skyrocket.  Two out of three people are on a diet, while 65% of those who do lose weight regain it all and more, according to the CDC. Something about how we are approaching weight loss isn’t working.  Is it that we are hooked on the "Quick Fix"?  

As a formerly obese person, weighing in at 204 pounds at my heaviest, I know about the search for the “magic pill” that would miraculously melt excess fat from my body without my having to do a thing.  I tried them all from fat burning body creams and metabolism hyping horse pills to dangerous drinks and powders.  None of them worked.  I would spend my hard earned money on these snake charmer offerings and always return to my same overweight self.


This was in the days before I discovered the power of Eating Clean.  I wish I knew then what I know now.   I would have realized the folly of relying on weight loss trickery instead of incorporating lifestyle changes into my efforts.   There is no "Quick Fix" for weight loss, no matter how badly we want to believe in it.  The only “cure” is to scrutinize how you became overweight in the first place, take your daily habits apart and rebuild them using proven strategies.


Introspection into my own eating habits lead to these findings:


  1. I wasn’t moving
  2. I was eating mostly sugar
  3. I ate based on emotional reasons not hunger
  4. I didn’t drink enough water
  5. I repeated these mistakes every day


Only when I ripped the bandage off to learn the truth of my poor habits did I realize, my lifestyle choices were the reason I was fat and sick.  The reason a quick fix “beachbody” approach didn’t work for me, like so many of you, is that such a strategy only addresses movement.  It’s the same for a pill or potion - these don’t address any other lifestyle behaviours.  As I began to exchange sugar laden foods for whole, clean, nutrient dense foods and finally exchanged the couch for a gym, magical changes did begin to happen.  Weight “melted” off, my body became lean and tight and I felt fantastic, not depleted and starving.


Most diets promote rapid, initial weight loss through caloric and macronutrient restriction.  Stop eating one food group, like carbohydrates, and of course you will lose weight.  But this is usually not sustainable so the weight piles back on.  According to the National Weight Control Registry, diets focusing on lifestyle change are always more successful and often permanently so.


Fad diets tend to appeal more to people's vanity than to their desire to stay healthy. The focus is on inches and pounds, not reducing the risk of diabetes or heart disease.  We want to “look like her” or “have her life.”  These are weak reasons to want to make change.  Your WHY? has to be great enough to compel you to make and maintain powerful lifestyle changes every day.


When it comes to the duration of weight loss challenges, which seem to be populating the internet lately, there are 5 day plans promising stunning weight loss, all the way up to 90 day plans.  What works best?  Again, those "Quick Fix", fat blasting promises don’t deliver.  You may lose pounds in an intense, shorter plan but they will mostly be water.  Will a 90 day challenge do the trick?  I think it is difficult to maintain accountability during a program that long.  When a 90 day challenge is offered, guaranteed there will be a lot of heavy, emotional lifting on the part of your support crew and/or the people running the challenge.  You will need to lean on the structure of the challenge to experience success but most people, unless they are highly competitive, give up within weeks.


What works best is what is considered a standard 4 week reset period.  This is enough time for the body to adjust and respond to new behaviours.  According to the Nutritional Therapy Association, protocols for resetting blood sugar, digestion and metabolism, in short, lifestyle changes, usually take about 4 weeks from a biochemical and psychological point of view.  That is why, most of the programs I have built are housed in the structure of 4 weeks.


I also provide the medical support of naturopathic doctors who not only inform my programs but provide support when medical questions arise.  I step in with my nutrition background and emotional support.  My private FB pages for those participating in any of my challenges are astounding resources for support, which are necessary as we begin to make change in our lives.


Make Practical Lifestyle Changes:


  1. Eat Clean
  2. Drink 3 litres of water daily
  3. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily at 70% MHR
  4. Reset your blood sugar mechanisms and avoid eating sugar & refined foods
  5. Evaluate your eating - stick to eating to satisfy hunger
  6. Record your daily eating, training and water for greater success



Ultimately making long lasting, practical lifestyle change is profoundly more successful in delivering results when it comes to weight loss and management.  Millions have followed the Eat-Clean Diet® lifestyle and remained at their goal weight and health for the long term.  You also need to trust the source of your information.  Has this person done the work him or herself? Does she know what she is talking about? Has she been there?  Does she care about you?  Do you trust your guide? If you can deeply trust on all counts, this is how you get the lean, healthy body you want and keep it, for life.


Now I want to hear about your challenges. How have you accomplished change? Did it stick? What was your WHY? Let me know in the Comments below section.


Eat Clean for Health and for Life!

Tosca Reno


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