Cleansing - A Shiny Bright New Object

Culturally, detoxification is the new SBO - Shiny Bright Object - everyone reaches for when they want to shed a quick and dirty 5 pounds.  Celebrities practice the Master Cleanse to fit into their Oscar gowns.  They juice and fast, purge and detox to slim down into an “unbearable lightness of being” as coined by Milan Kundera in the book of the same name.   Folks spend upwards of $50 a day for a mere 8 ounces of “magical liquid” consumed 4 or 5 times daily, to clean themselves out, clutching on to the hope they will shed all evils indulged in over the years, including excess pounds.  

I can’t say I haven’t tried this myself.  When I cracked 200 pounds on that momentous day, I panicked and reached for any quick fix I could get.  Leaping off the scale and straight into the arms of starvation seemed the natural course of action, so I went for it, followed by a strict course of grapefruit-only-eating until I passed out.  Landing in a pile of fresh produce after one too many hypoglycaemic/starvation events also made me sick, on top of looking rather foolish.  This was definitely not the right approach to taking out the trash I had deposited inside me.


I needed a better strategy because all that radical dieting, purging behaviour got me nowhere, only fatter and sicker.  What to do?  And if I was going to cleanse myself, then how to do it right?  After I had learned the results of my Genome testing recently, I turned my thoughts to systematically cleaning out my organs.  I had heard of the gall bladder flush, practiced by a friend of mine.  But when I discovered that part of the process involved sequestering oneself in a bathroom for 3 days while emptying out our entire earthly selves into a toilet, I felt, frankly, frightened.  One was also to carefully inspect such deposits for evidence of stones and other debris that had taken up residence inside.  What would we find?  Didn’t really want to know.


Not enamoured with that plan, I sought the advice of my naturopath.  If anyone would have an idea how to take out the toxic bodily trash living inside me, she would.  Another reason I wanted to cleanse, was that I knew I had been exposed to some dangerous bacteria when I underwent my root canal last August, after a dentist had missed a brewing problem in a molar.  Knowing that even a slight infection could cause a buildup of toxicity, I urgently sought to support my immune system through a detoxification process.


Cleansing is many things to many people. While I might have brightened my outer self and cleansed my organs, others will experience an emotional lightening, weight loss, increased energy and a variety of other outcomes.  Cultures far and wide celebrate the need for clearing out physical and material toxins.  It is a phenomenon as old as Methuselah and as new as 2015, thanks to the way we interpret it.  My own curiosity about cleansing led me to explore it for myself and then to write a Detoxification program for my community to follow.  This cleansing plan will be radically different from anything you have seen and may have practiced.  Because I have once again involved the healing skills of Dr. Rachel Corradetti, this program will deliver something many cleanses don’t - credentialed healing and detoxification education and practices. Cleansing oneself is not the quick fix weight loss solution we think it might be.  It is a serious process, already undertaken daily by the body, but now further supported by appropriate practices provided by the doctors and myself.


Within the structure of this Detoxification plan, you will find the nutritional science behind the need for it, the framework of how to accomplish it in your life, the foods, menus and recipes to accomplish your cleanse and the care, support and knowledge of myself and Dr. Rachel.


Working with a Naturopath makes me very happy because, while we create these beautiful programs together, we are variously learning, teaching, supporting and even cleansing ourselves.  Rachel and I have done our own emotional and physical homework and come to you through our programs from a place of abundance and generosity of spirit.  We want you to feel your best.  We want to be at the helm, as your credentialed guides, to support you on your own wellness journey.  Above all we want you to accomplish your cleanse in a safe environment, one that supports overall wellness.


Look for more on this Detoxification program in the coming weeks.


As always, I listen and respond.

Eat Clean for Health and for Life.


Tosca Reno


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