SPRING CLEANSE - In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb!

March brings change.  Some say the month roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, thanks to the frosty bite of winter that still tempers the early weeks of the month and the warmth and promise of spring at the end.  It’s a shifty month.  

I say, let’s invite the energy of March in!  Let’s shed our hibernating layers and open ourselves up to change. While March can give us a nasty reminder of winter, as we are experiencing now in some parts of the country, it is also a month heralding new beginnings, where our dormant energies come alive and reawaken us.


It’s also time to start feeling, being and doing again.  And one thing I want to do, with all of you, is another Cleanse.  March can often feel like a time to live with purpose again.  Embarking on a Spring Cleanse will help us to connect to that purpose and to revisit your goals for your health and your body.  Participating in a mindful, 4 week Spring Cleanse is an ideal way to get going.


While the wind and snow howled outside during the last few months, Dr. Rachel and I collaborated on our brand new Spring Cleanse 2016.  We have mapped out new menu plans filled with delicious recipes that, we are proud to say, have been tested by our wonderful Eat Clean Ambassadors - we will introduce you to these wonderful folks shortly.  This much needed testing should help us avoid any of the glitches we experienced with the Fall Cleanse.  You’re gonna love it!


During the Spring Cleanse, you will be working with many foods that are available only in spring.  Foods like asparagus and mint, peas and young greens, are lighter and delightfully earthy.  It will be fun to build new green salads using these ingredients and you can count on finding them in our menu plan.  But you will also find tasty smoothies, soups, dips, breads, desserts and more.  All foods are sugar free, fitting nicely with the Eat Clean lifestyle.


I have also built a new Trampoline workout - very energizing and a lot of fun! Some people call this the Cancer Chaser - I call it magic.  Magic because it challenges your cells three dimensionally, it kicks your butt while toning it, and it’s fun. You will enjoy the benefits of enhanced lymphatic drainage, experiencing tighter skin, enhanced mood and a tighter and lighter body.  Yes please!


Our new Spring Cleanse will encourage you to circulate and release a flood of “feel good” energy.  And you will enjoy taking part in the Cleanse because you won’t be doing it alone.  There will be a private FaceBook page for participants to share their progress. I believe this is one of the most powerful aspects of the Cleanse because it brings us all together in our efforts and nothing feels better than doing something profoundly life changing like cleansing, in good company.  Have you noticed how robust and fun those private FB pages are?  You love them!


But I was thinking, as I was packing and moving, that the perfect time to offer more one on one time with me, is now.  So I have made myself available for phone consults with you at special pricing during this marvelous month of March.  It’s perfect timing really.  I am just settling into my new (albeit temporary) digs and find that I have more time to work with you, one on one, the way I like to do it best.  I’ve also streamlined the purchase process (uggh! what a headache before!).  Please drop me a line and consider booking a chat with me.  I am excellent, even if I do say so myself, at motivating, stimulating and educating - give it a try.  You’ll see.


Your call to action?

Sign up for my new Spring Cleanse 2016 preorder list here.

Book a one on one phone consult with me, using the special pricing available now.

And get ready for spectacular change.


Remember, I am always listening.



  1. I’d love to hear your big reason to do a Cleanse.  For me, it’s time to get out of winter mode and bring a new, lightness to my skin and body.  How about you? Share in the Comments below.


Meet our Eat Clean Recipe Testing Ambassadors:


Mike Gutridge

Amanda Baker

Tracey Weaver

Esther Barker

Tammi Gordon

Andrea Bauer

Marilyn Cooper

Maria Gomez

Dr. Rachel Corradetti