And How FitBoost solves the problem.
Boosting fitness efforts can be a struggle. There are more failed attempts than successes and should we dare to say it out loud, as many as 92% of us will fail. That’s as sobering as a bucket of cold water over the head. What can we do to land ourselves in the successful, 8% Committed to Fitness category?

When I created FitBoost as the follow up to Fitness Commitment, I wanted to make a program that would fit easily into anyone’s busy schedule. Some of us just don’t have time to do a long, drawn out challenge. All you need for FitBoost is two weeks and everybody has two weeks! Those two weeks can be life changing for you. You could lose as much as ten pounds and be ready for that all important event – wedding, cruise, bikini, blind date. When you join the plan, give your friends two weeks notice because they will see the results of your efforts in no time.

I also wanted to offer a menu plan that supported the correct macronutrient ratios to get you to optimal health while shedding fat. Each day in the FitBoost plan encourages eating lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbs in the ideal 30/30/40 ratio. When we Eat Clean, whole, nutritionally dense foods, and lose weight doing it, the pounds don’t tend to come back because we are properly nourished.

What about exercise? you ask. Of course. You can’t have a healthy body without moving it around a little (well, maybe a lot). I created the exercise program to target the large muscle groups in order to help stimulate your metabolism. There are circuits for arms, body and abs that deliver the metabolic burn. You will like the sculpted results!

As for support, you always get plenty of that from me and from my private FaceBook page. Participants love to share their stories as we go. And nothing is as addicting as results so when the pictures of your efforts start popping up, prepare to be amazed.

When I first gave becoming lean and fit a try, I did it alone and I made plenty of mistakes. I started running but didn’t change my eating. All I got out of that was a leaner, but still flabby body, with little to no muscle. I was Skinny Fat. Then I learned about Eating Clean and put it to work. It helped more than I could ever have imagined. I regained my health and balanced my blood sugar levels. I felt amazing. I learned where my triceps were and how to flex them. I could squat, butt way down to the ground, with plenty of plates on my back and I built muscle. It took putting all three components together – cardio, Eating Clean, lifting – along with a boatload of support, to get me lean, fit and healthy.

The penny dropped for me. You can do one element to change your body but to get it perfect you need to consider all the factors. But don’t worry, I put all of them in FitBoost and it’s your turn to start today. Tell a friend and have them do it with you. Join us. Two weeks! That’s all it takes!

Joining up? Find your FitBoost plan here.

Remember, I’m always listening.

PS. Tell me what part works best for you to get lean – Eating Clean, cardio or lifting?