“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, Dream, Discover.”
~ Mark Twain

Is fear preventing you from participating in life? Does it stop you from venturing out in public when you have been alone? Does it stop you from trying something new, like my Spring Cleanse, for example?  Participating in something new like a cleanse, often induces fear but with a bit of courage and a plan, you will soon be taking steps in the right direction to improved wellness. More exciting than that, you will be growing!

A cleanse can inspire a feeling of fear because most people have a notion that cleanses cause intense upset in your life, much of it gastrointestinal. Some think you need to starve yourself. You can’t eat normal foods. You will have to eat foods that taste awful, like spirulina. Your friends will ostracize you because of your weird eating habits and more. There are plenty of reasons to doubt the value of a cleanse because so many of them are poorly designed and they really do ask you to devote hours a day to the porcelain throne because those cleanses only induce diarrhea. Most cleanses are also far too short to address cleansing thoroughly. These are NOT proper cleanses.

When Dr. Rachel and I sat down to build our new and improved Spring Cleanse, we enforced some very strict rules during the construction phase. The Cleanse had to be safe, medically approved, and practical. We wanted a proper cleanse that lasted at least 4 weeks.  It couldn’t induce severe tummy troubles and it had to have recipes that were tested and delicious, using clean ingredients. We thought of you, the people who would be using the cleanse, and knew it had to fit into your busy lives. Dr. Rachel and I both worked through the 4-week plan to make sure it was doable. We tasted and tested. We worked out. We sampled the supplements and we made sure nothing about the Cleanse would induce fear. In fact, while we were working on the Spring Cleanse, we got pretty excited because we loved the feedback we got from our Ambassadors about the recipes and we liked the early buzz we were getting from our teasers about designing a new Cleanse.

Fall Cleanse participant, Andrea, from PA, said, “I can’t wait for your Spring Cleanse to start, Tosca. I have fallen off track so badly, I don’t know how to get back on. The Cleanse will do it for me.”

Barb shared, “The Spring Cleanse is just the thing I need to get myself ready for my daughter’s wedding this summer. I really need to shed a few pounds and get that glow everyone keeps talking about. Sign me up!”

The new Spring Cleanse is highly workable. We can do it. As I am writing this blog post, I have a lovely batch of cleanse friendly Blueberry Muffins baking in the oven. They smell heavenly. And yes, they are in our Spring Cleanse menu plan, along with other delicious new dishes and tried and true favourites like Powerballs—you’ll really like these!!

As for physical movement, to expand and become more awesome in our living, means we need to move. Our brains are programmed to seek ease and to make living, thinking, and doing more efficient. Approximately 95% of our daily living behaviors are habitual. No wonder we easily fall into a rut.  But movement is necessary, even during a Cleanse. So, we have reinstated yoga and I have designed a fun, new trampoline workout because rebounding is a powerful part of cleansing.

I realize you may be hovering on the edge of decision-making time. Will I participate in the Spring Cleanse or won’t I? But, as Mark Twain said in the opening quote, twenty years from now will you be disappointed by what you didn’t do? Or will you break free, jumping into living with both feet?

I want you here with me and the rest of the community that is already embracing the Spring Cleanse. Together we will make powerful, positive change. We will cleanse, transform, taste, bounce, meditate, heal, love, and laugh together. We will share our journey on the private Spring Cleanse Facebook page and enjoy the gorgeousness of our community.

Sign up at www.toscareno.com/cleanse2016 for early information about the Spring Cleanse and exclusive pre-order content. You will be the first to know when you can pre-order this week!

Eat Clean for Health and for Life.


P.S. – This Spring Cleanse is perfectly paired with a side of support, so make sure to find a friend or family member to join in with you. We are stronger together.