Spring is here! Hard to believe but we made it through the winter once again. Before I jump into the meat of my tale, I want you to stop where you are and read this first.  
You are right where you need to be at this moment. Your wisdom has brought you here. The universe is providing exactly what you need right now. And because you are reading this, you are making the first important step on your path to optimal wellness. I can see you are committed to it.  Bravo!!

So, no more second guessing. No more doubts. No negative self-chatter. Be grateful for the fact that you are doing a good job of YOU. Pat yourself on the back and accept this new adventure in wellness. Ready to participate in my new Spring Cleanse?  Here we go!

“Remember, most people fail in business and life not because they fail to start something… but because they fail to finish.” ~Marie Forleo

Little satisfies us more than a ritual spring cleaning. The pain of the effort, while not the most joyful aspect, always leads to pleasure once completed. Is there anything more pleasing than scrubbing winter’s grime from our windows and being able to witness spring unfolding more clearly? This observation applies to both our homes and ourselves.

Some of us view undergoing a bodily cleanse with immense skepticism ranking right up there with a colonoscopy (read my blog about this process here).  Yet the rewards are immense.  In the same way that spring cleaning may never be a breeze, participating in a physical cleanse can be made more effortless and even fun, if you have the right strategy.

That is what I am delivering today.  Not only do I have the strategy, but the plan, the menus, recipes, knowledge, support, expertise and the workouts to get you through.  If that sounds overwhelming, put fear aside. Along with Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND., I have created a no fuss, easy to practice, Spring Cleanse that will make you shiny and bright once again.

And because you are committed to achieving your best version of you, you won’t accept anything less than the best.  You don’t just want to limp along, you want the best cleanse available, one that will completely strip away all toxic burdens stored in your body in a recommended 4 week period of time. Your discipline and self-respect coupled with my Spring Cleanse, give you the necessary tools to complete this cleansing project successfully, right to the finish line.

Trust yourself.  You are here because you are seeking your higher self.  Keep following your good instincts. Pre-order your Spring Cleanse here.  It will take some effort but the sparkling new you that emerges after four weeks will blow you away. You won’t believe it until you see it.

Let this process be enlightening and enjoyable.  With myself, Dr. Rachel and the rest of the Cleanse community by your side, you will be invincible. See you soon!

Warm hugs,


P.S. I need to hear your feedback.  Why will you be participating in my Spring Cleanse? What are you hoping to clear away? Overcome.  Post your thoughts in the Comments section below.