“The planet earth is one the greatest pharmacies ever invented and we are ignoring most of it. Try nutrition first. In many cases it can solve the problem.”  ~Dr. Patrick Quillin

Understanding this simple quote helps us comprehend how powerful the foods we eat can be. The caveat is that this statement cuts both ways.  Your food can be deadly enough to cause disease, suffering, and death, or it can be clean enough to drive optimal, radiant health. Most of us are lost when it comes to food selection. Choosing to Eat Clean is a powerful step towards that outcome. However we need to assist the body’s effort to get there by giving it a push, a thorough 4 week cleanse.

In my new Spring Cleanse, Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND., and I, devoted our recipe creation to using specific ingredients to boost the body’s detoxification efforts. These foods had to be both in season and of particular benefit to the deep cleansing process. For example, one new Spring Cleanse recipe includes nettles. Although this is a difficult ingredient both to get and to cook with, the benefits are so great, that we felt it must be included. If nettles are unavailable in your corner of the earth, don’t worry, we have offered a substitute ingredient. By feeding ourselves this array of nutrients, the organs will receive the exact molecules necessary to do their best work.

To help this happen we can feed our body and by extension our immune system, a particular set of foods that will help us clear out the backwater and restore balance deep inside our cells. Mother Nature is brilliant at her work. In the spring, the foods most widely available are, by design, lighter, greener, more water based. The body doesn’t have to work so hard to digest them. And there are many foods early in spring that assist with the cleansing process, particularly those with a bitter taste, think arugula, frisee, ramps and so on. The bitterness is a sign these plants have potent phytochemical qualities necessary for cleansing.  

I hadn’t been a regular “cleanser,”  after doing my own Fall Cleanse however, I became one.  I’m going to do my Spring Cleanse with you. Why? What I discovered by doing the Fall Cleanse is that my body doesn’t like caffeine. With my 2-cup-a-day habit from years past, often with Bob at my elbow because that man loved his coffee, I began to feel aches and pains I wasn’t used to. I didn’t like it. After cleansing myself of coffee, I felt, and continue to feel so much better – no aches and pains and less belly bloat too. It was quite a miraculous discovery.

I think you will find, through my Spring Cleanse, similar miraculous discoveries. So many of you reported feeling better after cleansing: light as air, energized, more joyful, less cranky, less puffy, and having less cravings. It was as if you were reborn. Don’t laugh! Some wrote that. And I have to say, I am with them! I feel the same way.


Here are just a few of the results you can expect from doing my 4 Week Spring Cleanse:

  • Tighter, more radiant skin
  • Less inflammation
  • Balanced mood
  • Improved ability to cope with stress
  • Renewed taste for foods both old and new
  • More robust immune system
  • Increased efficiency in all organ systems
  • Emotional release
  • Paradigm shifts relating to health, wellness and all aspects of life
  • Deeper consciousness about what you are willing to tolerate
  • Weight loss. although not the predominant purpose of cleansing
  • Improved mental clarity

When we experience any of these benefits, life becomes a blessing once again. Why hesitate?  These results are possible for you, here and now. Depend on the  herself and combined into an effective 4-week menu plan in the Spring Cleanse by Dr. Rachel and I. In four short weeks, a sparkling new you will emerge. Count on it!

Happy Spring and Happy Cleansing!  I’m waiting for you!

Warm hugs,


PS.  Share with me what your main physical complaint is and how you hope my Spring Cleanse will help you heal. Please post in the COMMENTS section below.