5 Cleanse results to make your waist tighter in days!
Winter and waists don’t work well together.  As we huddle in front of the fire, hibernating and consuming heavier, cold weather comfort foods, our waistlines tend to expand.  And that’s too bad because now more than ever, according to fashion experts, we are going as far as our corseted sisters of yore, to gain that coveted hourglass look.  Oh and let’s not forget that health pundits prefer Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR), as a measure of dangerous excess weight, to the traditional BMI.

Based on that last statement alone, sculpting a tight waist ranks high on my TO DO list.  Why? Because the WHR is a significant predictor of morbidity and mortality risk; because it is a good measure of abdominal fat; because changes in WHR relating to weight loss improve health.  In short, our waist tells our health story.  What story is your waist telling?

 As a physique competitor, I was not noted for my waif waist no matter how much I dieted down, that was just my natural shape.  However it was amazing to me that by eating the cleanest foods and absolutely no sugars or processed foods, in the strictest sense, I could make such a difference in contour so quickly.  I lost several inches and had no fat around my middle!

Sugary, processed, nutrient devoid foods, contribute to inflammation, puffiness and weight gain, particularly around your middle.  In my opinion, there is no single ingredient (I can’t even call it a food) that has done more damage to mankind than sugar and its’ derivatives.  Sugar makes you puffy.  Sugar makes you inflamed.  Sugar makes you sick.  Sugar fluffs up your middle.

Many of you have written to me, asking how to manage this puffy problem.

I want to suggest that we can all experience a dramatic waist change, by undertaking a stricter, clean eating regimen, none more appropriate than my 4-week Spring Cleanse.  Within the menu plan and recipes you will only find foods that help you break the inflammatory process.  Bitter greens, salad greens, early spring onions and more pour into your cells delivering urgently needed nutrition of the highest level.  With no sugar to feed it, the inflammation process stops.  Organs are given a break.  Fat is shed.  Toxins are shed.  Your fluffy middle becomes lean and tight once again. Welcome back Miss Tight Waist!

Here are 5 Cleanse results to make your waist tighter:

Improved elimination.  As you eat Cleanse Friendly foods, your body responds by moving waste out, more efficiently than ever before in most cases.

Increased circulation.  With increased consumption of antioxidants, cellular respiration improves and increases, helping to stimulate your metabolic rate.  That means active mitochondria and increased fat burning.

Increased energy.  With more energy you will be more inclined to exercise and move your body in other ways.  This will help to shed fluff around your middle, tightening and toning your waist.

Increased lymphatic drainage.  Through the combination of Cleanse Friendly foods and rebounding (I really hope you will try this! My next blog will be about this), you will encourage the release of toxic waste through your lymphatic system.  This makes for tighter, more toned skin and a healthier you.

Pounds lost!  Although my Spring Cleanse is not intended as a weight loss mechanism, most people end up losing weight.  With pounds lost you can change your Waist to Hip Ratio, in some cases dramatically.  Welcome back robust health!

We are coming to the starting lineup very soon.  Within days we will be launching my Spring Cleanse program.  Don’t miss out on your chance to tame your midsection back into shape and put your health and your waist, back where it should be – in the optimal range.  You will love the way you feel and look.

Why waist?  Oops! Why wait?

Warm hugs,

Tosca Reno
PS.  What clothing item could you wear if you could tone your waist down by a few inches?  A bikini?  Your favorite dress?  Let me know and tell my why it matters.  Post your comments in the Comments section below.