Spring Cleanse energy is booming!  Reading your Facebook posts, personal notes and taking your calls, I can feel it.  The Spring Cleanse is seismically shifting our community.  Questions pour in.  You have already started your own countdown.  You can’t wait.  Someone started a “4 more sleeps until Tosca Reno’s Spring Cleanse starts!” meme.  It feels like Christmas.  (It actually looks like Christmas in some places – haha!)
We will be transforming ourselves in the next several weeks. Real transformation for real people.  It has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Over the years you have transformed yourself, countless times.  You have grown inches taller.  You have gained and lost too many pounds to count, some repeatedly.  You spent precious resources doing it, endlessly re-evaluating yourself en route to “perfection.”  And now you are counting down the days to begin something entirely new – participating in my Spring Cleanse!

Want to keep that energy buzzing?  I’ve got a few ideas!

  1. Tell your friend circle about what you are doing.  Send them the link to my Spring Cleanse, https://tosca.sharescopes.com/book/tosca-renos-eat-clean-diet-4-week-spring-cleanse/ and get them to join you.  You know what they say! Friends that play together stay together!
  2. Revisit your goals.  State clearly what you want to accomplish during this cleanse process and write them down.  Make a dream board, if you are creative, and include these messages and goals so you can review them frequently.
  3. Train your brain to say, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to ….” instead of “Gee, this sucks!”  You can feel the difference in energy in these statements.  It’s much harder to slip down into a negative spin if you keep your language positive.
  4. Celebrate the opportunity of this Spring Cleanse.  You chose well.  Your health will change, for the better.  You will glow.  You will radiate.  You will explode with energy. You will meet new people on the private FB page. Dr. Rachel and I will be there for you, to answer any question.  Feel supported and loved by this brilliant community.
  5. “Get to” not “have to.”  You have chosen to participate in my Spring Cleanse.  It is a privilege and a powerful way to love yourself.  Enjoy it!
  6. “Feed the positive dog.” Those are words by speaker and author, Jon Gordon, who likes the tale of a man who seeks a wiseman’s counsel. The man feels there are two dogs inside him, one who seeks positivity and love and the other who is angry, jealous and negative.  There is constant turmoil as a result. The man wants to know who will win. The wise man says, “I know who is going to win. The one you feed the most.”  Feed your positive dog by listening to beautiful music, dancing, reading, painting, walking in nature and being kind.  Make it a habit.
  7. Celebrate. Please celebrate. You are unique and wonderful.  You are here and that is worthy of celebration.  During the Cleanse, share your story, warts and all.  We love authenticity!  

Time is running out though.  Be sure to pre-order now to take advantage of the 5-Day Juice Cleanse gift offer.  Pretty soon your inbox will be receiving juicy messages from me, confirming your order and providing your first shopping list.  I’m so proud of you for joining!

Jump in and join hundreds who have already signed up.

Remember, the cleanse will help you transform.  Real transformation for real people.

Here we go!

PS.  What is your special way to keep your energy high? I love music, all kinds.  My favourite at the moment for elevating my spirit, is Ludovico Einaudi! His music is gorgeous.  Watch the stunning films by Louie Schwartzberg, with Einaudi’s music and you will be lifted to a higher place, I promise you!  Share your energy boost strategy with me in the Comments Section below.