Looking lovely and feeling fabulous, for work, rest, and play, are objectives many of us wish to accomplish with our wardrobe.  Achieving this can often be frustrating.  Is there a clothing line out there that serves up what we want and is fashionable at the same time? I’m pleased to announce my recent partnership with Miik, a Canadian brand that delivers fashionable clothing that feels like your favourite fitness outfit.  Coming from a person who spends about 95% of her time in fitness clothing (wearing MIIK leggings, jog bra and jacket now), I have some experience.
MIIK backs comfort up with sustainability – Miik uses evergreen fibres from the fast-growing, eco-friendly bamboo plant – and local manufacturing. It’s a winning combination.  Can you imagine reaching into your closet and pulling out a pin-striped, tuxedo style jacket, pairing it with buttery soft leggings, with plenty of room in the rise, and a coordinating underpinning and being ready to go in minutes? The pieces work well together.  They are relevant to my lifestyle and they don’t kill my budget.  My wallet can’t take a beating just to get dressed!

You may ask why I care. Here it is.  I often travel long distances for work and that mostly happens on a plane.  I’m not a fan of wearing pyjamas for travel, it just doesn’t work for me.  But I want that level of comfort and still want to look good both before and after the trip.  I like to look stylishly good.  Miik’s dresses, tops, jackets, tunics and leggings give me that ability.  What I also like is that the fit highlights the best parts of me.

It’s better yet when I meet one of you, which I often do when I am out and about, to be appropriately dressed because you never know.  Once I was followed into a ladies’ room at an international airport, by a sweet fan who wanted an autograph.  I had gone to the trouble of dressing in my tall boots/leggings/jacket travel uniform (I call it that because it’s my go-to look) and was pleased to be appropriately dressed. I love meeting you!  No matter where that might happen.

So look for the beautiful styles and comfortable outfits that will soon populate my Insta pics and FB posts.

Fashion and fitness have just come together in a beautiful way.


Tosca Reno