It’s a proud moment for me announce that I will be working with the amazing team of forward thinking doctors at Medicor Cancer Centres. Teaching how to Eat Clean is the first line of defence against most diseases.  Together with exercise and social/emotional work, self care is the new health care.


(Detecting cancer ultra early with a simple blood test, reducing smoking risks by transitioning to safety-tested electronic cigarettes, combined with Eat-Clean® anti-cancer nutrition and fitness with NY Times best-selling author Tosca Reno . . . these are the building blocks of Medicor’s new prevent-cancer.ca program.)

(April 2016, Toronto, Ontario) – On the eve of the 10th anniversary of its founding, Medicor Cancer Centres today announced the launch of a powerful cancer prevention program (www.prevent-cancer.ca).  By utilizing its cutting edge prevention tools, Medicor believes that when it comes to cancer, prevention is the new cure.

“Our program is backed by dozens of published scientific studies,” Medicor founder and medical director Dr. Akbar Khan said.  “These studies are available to the public on our prevent-cancer.ca website and are presented in such a way that makes them accessible to the public and easy for everyone to understand how the program works.  Take the ONCOblot test, for instance.”

Dr. Khan explained that by using just one tube of blood, the ONCOblot test can not only detect the presence of cancer extra early (even tumours as small as 1-2 mm in size), but can also identify the type of cancer (currently 25 different types).  This is bound to revolutionize cancer treatment by making the cancer curable or easily treatable.  For example, ONCOblot® is up to 50 times more sensitive than a mammogram.  It can detect cancers for which no screening tests are available, like lung, pancreas and sarcoma.  For cancer patients completing treatment, ONCOblot can also confirm if cancer is indeed in remission.  ONCOblot offers new information that can change the face of cancer therapy.

But the news gets even better.  “By partnering with naturopathic doctors across Canada,” Medicor president Humaira Khan said, “our doctors will be able to deliver this first-of-its-kind program to Canadians in a way that was never before possible.”

About Medicor Cancer Centres

Located in Toronto, Medicor is an innovative, integrative clinic that is leading the way in redefining cancer treatment by giving patients choices and access to cutting edge, evidence-based allopathic and natural therapies.  For more information, please visit their website at www.medicorcancer.com.

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