The feeling of being in the right place at the right time happens rarely, and when it does, it is magic. This is what is happening with nutrition. Nutrition is trendy. Nutrition is the thing.  Nutrition is the next big thing and we are part of that moment, now. The UN General Assembly has declared the next ten years, starting in 2016 and ending in 2025, to be the Decade of Action on Nutrition, taking steps towards “mobilising action around reducing hunger and improving nutrition around the world.”  Hallelujah! I feel as if I have finally arrived. I know this is my era. Nutrition is not just a movement. It is the basis of everything.  Everything!

After writing my first Eat-Clean Diet® book in 2007, I discovered that what I had believed was my career – being a fitness and cover model in Oxygen magazine – was it. I was wrong. And I became more wrong as the years went by. What I learned instead, is that food, and more specifically, nutrition, captured my imagination, not to the exclusion of exercise, but in the way that crispiness defines potato chips – one does not exist without the other.

Through my words I “poisoned” the way we now think about what we eat, meaning, those words gave power to the idea that it was time to question North American eating. Walking left when all are moving right is to fuel the belief, to focus on wellness like never before. The decade has come when the time is more right than ever to do so.

The bill has come due. Our experiment with processed foods has yielded disastrous results.  We’ve failed. Never have we been more ill, overweight, mentally weak, diminished from the ultimate human goal – optimal wellness, our birthright. The world doesn’t need eat clean wannabes. It needs more zealots, like me, who will always present the truth.

All of my writing is the truth. It is the ‘carrotness’ of the carrot. The fattiness of the avocado. It is the discussion about changing the community and the world through nutrition. It is a message to the community that something is happening here. Let’s open the scene of the eat clean revolution, as coined by Dr. Oz in 2014, and take the necessary risks to use our planet in the old way, the way our ancestors ate. Let’s embrace the forced negotiation between what the landscape offers and our need to nourish ourselves.

Eating Clean is my baby and you are my children. Every day I ask myself, “How can I serve you better?” and I look for the answer. The answers live in my books. Try the 4-Week Eat-Clean Diet ® Spring Cleanse. Reset your organs so that they may rebound to serve you, in health, in boundless energy, in beauty. Follow up with 5-Day Juice Cleanse for a total obliteration of toxic waste. The result will stun you.

Don’t wait for a special day. Let this moment of facing the truth about your wellness take you to the next step. Take action. One of my eBooks will take you to the next step. And I will be there for you.


Tosca Reno

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