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Most of you are aware that I am working closely with canfitpro, Canada’s premiere fitness authority.  I have been developing Eat Clean® education programs to help educate you about this healthy lifestyle way of eating that has revolutionized the world.  As the founder of the Eat Clean® movement, along with this canfitpro partnership, these varied courses and summits provide the ideal way to teach you about Eating Clean® and how it can benefit your life.

Here’s where you can find me:

Canfit One Day Summit in Toronto:

November 19 | Toronto, ON

(Full Conference November 19)

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Canfit Summit in Vancouver

December 3-4 | Vancouver, BC

(Full Conference December 1-4)

Vancouver Convention Centre

Canfit Eat Clean Foundations Courses

Canfit Eat Clean for Wellness Courses

I was pleased to be invited to develop these courses but even more pleased to see how they have been embraced by so many.  During the World Fitness Expo, this past August, the subjects I was teaching seemed to have struck a nerve.  You want to know about hormones and sex. You want to know about cancer and how to build a disease free body. You are confused about sugar and calorie counting and want to know how to manage both of these to lead you back to wellness.

At one point during the WFE, I was heading to one of my presentations, when I was joined by Dave Patchell Evans himself. He noticed the lineup outside the session room and wondered out loud, who all those folks were waiting for.  I laughed and said, “Dave, I think it’s my session.  I received permission from canfitpro to talk about sex and look what happened!” He grabbed my arm and ushered me into the room, looking surprised.  “Good luck!” he said, “It’s gonna get hot in here!”

He was right.

The real value of all of this is that there is a hunger to know more about how our bodies work and what we can do, from a “boots on the ground” standpoint, to help ourselves feel and look better.  Our doctors alone cannot make us well.  We must engage in our wellness, just as we must engage our minds in our fitness as we lift a dumbbell to perform a bicep curl, for best results.

Pick your course or your venue.  Find your way to a class.  Learn more about how to switch on your genes by eating turmeric, or what to do with coconut oil everywhere in the house!  Find out how performing cardio on a regular basis can elevate your performance everywhere.

I am looking forward to working with you.  Online.  In Toronto or in Vancouver.  Please come and see me.  I love one on one time with passionate wellness seekers like you.

Warmly and with gratitude for you!

Tosca Reno