Find Your Purpose! 10 Compelling Reasons To Attend Self-Improvement Sessions, Now.

November 30, 2016

11 / 30 / 2016

“The greatest combination in life is the use of your natural, God-given talents, mixed with a burning desire and effort to be great.”  ~Christoper Commons, from The Mission

Rod Macdonald, the vice president of canfitpro, makes a bold statement when he cautions, “this year’s canfitpro Vancouver Fitness Expo is not for everyone.”  

The desire to make deep personal change must be at the core.  It must be your driving force if your intention is to shift where you are and who you are in the fitness and fitness education industry.

As a presenter, speaker and educational developer, working with canfitpro, my goal, which really defines my life purpose, is to serve.  I ask myself, every day, “How can I best serve the growing community of wellness seekers?”  

This responsibility shapes itself into the work I do, because as stated in the quote above, I believe, with all my heart, that we must use our “… God-given talents, mixed with a burning desire and effort to be great.”  Anything less is a waste of time.

If you are sitting on the fence about attending this year’s fitness expo, ask yourself one question, “What price will I pay if I don’t go?”  

The answer is simple, preventing self-improvement within yourself costs everyone around you; yourself, your loved ones, your community, all of us.  If you need more compelling reasons to get out of your comfort zone, here are my top 10 musts:

  1. Celebrity trainer Todd Durkin will inspire you.  He’s dedicated, committed to your service and will most certainly create a paradigm shift in your brain.
  2. Elaine LaLanne! Enough said! Iconic in her own right, this woman inspires me to keep on rocking, age be damned!  Jack and she created a movement, she continues to drive it. I’m going to hear her talk and hopefully grab an herbal tea with her too (she doesn’t drink coffee).
  3. Tommy Europe!  I’ve laid down the challenge to sweat with him.  See you there Tommy!  
  4. 1000’s of fitness pros and fans!  When you enter the sanctified realm of the fitness expo, there is an undeniable feeling of belonging. That feeling validates your efforts, no matter how small or great your community. Just being in the moment makes me want to work harder, do more, become greater.
  5. Wellness! One of the most compelling reasons to attend!  Wellness is within us, equipped as we are with the capacity to heal on our own BUT the need is urgent to reactivate those mechanisms.  We are the first generation to have to bury our own children. Cancer will affect 1 in 2! My sessions will empower you to recognize and change your physical self, through nutrition and exercise.
  6. Women Who Influence! Listen to some of these powerhouse names speak and you will experience a paradigm shift deep in your core. Each woman has manifested powerful change in themselves and in their audience. This event will provoke change in you.  No doubt about it.
  7. Sex! Yes, canfitpro is on board with this, one of the most human of activities, yet one that is sadly in need of pumping up. My session on Optimal Hormonal Health is just one of several in this category.  At the Toronto WFE, I had a packed house! I think you like it, you really like it!
  8. Get your credentials! Attend, listen, learn and gain CEC’s. Oh and update your CPR!
  9. Get sweaty! You love a good sweat, admit it!  Join in any one of the 100’s of sweat sessions and drop into AGING – The Way It Should be Done with Maureen Hagan and I. We have a blast working you out with our special mix of tunes, humour, fitness, and knowledge.
  10. Meet a fitness celeb you love and get hugs!  You can meet those who inspire you, right there, in the flesh, and chances are, they will gladly hug you up. 

I’m off to prepare for the expo.  See you there, sharing the love! 

Get inspired to make change now and live the best, brightest, shiniest version of yourself yet.

Remember, I am always listening.

Tosca Reno

Tosca Reno

Author, columnist, motivational speaker, reality TV star, radio personality, consultant, mother and wife, Tosca Reno has been inspiring millions with the Eat Clean™️ Diet series and sharing the success she's had with weight loss and Clean Eating.


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