Get ready to be shocked into wellness!

Your health is the most valuable asset you have.  You can ignore it or jump in and get engaged!  Turns out, digging in makes all the difference. Are you ready to be shocked into wellness?

VACATION BRAIN: Contrary to popular thought, the brain does not lose volume, unless you give it a helping hand.  Thousands of new brain cells arrive constantly.  Once they appear, they need a job to do otherwise, in 30 days they disappear.  Vacation brain that comes from watching TV, eating bad food and not exercising kills your brain cells, while aerobic exercise preserves them.  In as little as 30 minutes!  

EXERCISE the SUPER SOAKER: There are tens of thousands of mitochondria in each of your several hundred muscles. Mitochondria gobble up what you eat, providing the energy you need to be a human.  Exercise helps the body metabolize food or energy, more effectively so less insulin is needed.  When you own a lean, exercised body, you burn fat faster and you can also exercise harder and longer.  Exercise is like a Super Soaker, sweeping up excess sugar, fat and insulin in the blood.  End result? You are lean, clean and mean!

NUTRITION INSTEAD of FOOD: Food and nutrition are not the same things.  Food is something we eat, without thinking too much about whether it contains loads of vitamins, minerals , fibre and other nourishment.  Food simply fills the hole.  Nutrition contains the whole package – plant fibre, enzymes, minerals, enzymes, microbes and probably lots of things we don’t yet know about. If you miss getting enough of just one nutrient, like calcium, for instance, your muscles won’t work right and your heart can’t keep its pace.  Nourish yourself with every bite.

MUSCLE UP TO SUGAR DOWN: Muscle is your best friend.  Muscle, when you own it, is the most effective part of your body, at devouring sugar and carbs.  Thanks to a phenomenon called “the glucose sink,” muscle cells become voracious little sugar/carb eaters, and ultimately help you manage blood sugar so insulin hardly has to show up.  Muscle building is an ideal investment in your health.

BUILD MOVEMENTS NOT MUSCLES: From my bodybuilding experience, I noticed musclebound folks don’t necessarily move well. That’s because dense muscles build the body but don’t necessarily build function. Think of movements like pushing, pulling, squatting, thrusting – these are the movements we should be strengthening and practicing.  Practicing those functional movements is the key to keeping your body functional for life.

HAPPY MICROBES HAPPY YOU: Each of us has about 5 pounds of healthy bacteria in our guts.  When we train our bacteria to dine on carbs, particularly processed carbs, our healthy bacteria do a 360 and say “fuhgeddabowdit!” They revolt. Pretty soon we are bloated, passing gas, and craving more sugar.  Eating Clean® feeds the micro biome making the bacteria do a happy dance.  Eat more fermented foods. Eat more dirt. Fart less.  

You have the chance, every day, to do one, some or all of the above.  Not as punishments but as powerful choices to move your wellness into gold medal position.  Will you step up to the podium?

Remember, I am always listening.

PS.  Which healthy lifestyle habit will you choose? Eat more fermented foods? Quit sugar?  Practice movements?  Let me know in the Comments below. I’d love to hear your strategy.

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