The World Fitness Expo 2016 is here and I’m presenting! Your hopes and dreams for aspiration, inspiration, education, and recreation will be met—and then some—at this world class event and I want to meet you!

You are my priority.  When I see your shining faces, glowing with anticipation, that is what makes me want to push even harder.  Your questions keep me sharp.  Your enthusiasm is my reward for long hours spent tapping at my computer, preparing the courses I will be teaching.  Your buff bodies put it all into perspective.  We are brothers and sisters in health and wellness.

In answer to your many questions, canfitpro and I have collaborated on a new project, the Eat Clean® courses.  You will have seen the Eat Clean® Foundations course already.  But there is more to come and you will learn about the next, “sexy” ones at my World Fitness Expo presentations.

The highest compliment I can be paid by you is that, through attending one of my sessions, you have learned something, put it into practice and made positive changes in your life.  That is the money for me!

So here is a sneak peak at what I will be doing at the biggest fitness event in Canada this year.

The third Annual Women Who Influence conference launches the WFE fun.  In the company of such fitness celebs as Maureen Hagan of canfitpro, I will speak about the latest diet trends and how, without fully understanding their nutritional impact, positive or negative, we remain overweight and unhealthy.  The Eat Clean® luncheon will satisfy your appetite.  Attendees are still talking about last year’s delicious salmon and sinfully gorgeous chocolate dessert. Life changing connections are made here.  Don’t miss out.

One of the pillars of the Eat-Clean Diet® has been NOT to count calories.  I will be presenting the idea behind this in what is sure to be a provocative workshop.  Calorie counting started years ago when scientists and dieters felt this was the ideal way to manage weight. There are many reasons not to count calories. I intend to shift your thinking!

In the big Expo Hall, I will be discussing how self-awareness can be a powerful tool for managing your health.  Knowing which foods serve you best, how often to eat, whether or not you are blood sugar dis-regulated, and more self-awareness lessons will help you design a more effective wellness outcome.

For the first time, canfitpro will be holding a cooking demonstration, with yours truly.  We felt it was time to make delicious Eat Clean® recipes on the big stage.  You will learn how to prepare delicious recipes using in-season ingredients and very little equipment.  Samples provided!  Come and taste.

For those of you who have heard me speak before, you know I don’t hold back.  I talk about what makes us human—our humour, digestion, and sex.  Yes, sex! If you are keen to find out how to better manage your hormonal health and enjoy the entertaining results of that, then you won’t want to miss this presentation. Naturally, I will have my coconut oil with me.

Finally, in a debut effort, Maureen Hagan, Barbara Klein and I, will be hosting a Healthy Aging workshop.  The three of us are women of a certain vintage, but I think we nicely defy what aging used to be and make “aging in reverse” possible.  This should be an exciting, never been done before, experience.  Come and join in on what is sure to be an entertaining and enlightening experience.

As always, when I am at the WFE, I welcome the chance to meet you.  Do come and say hello.  All hugs welcome.

See you there!


Tosca Reno