4:00 am

My alarm chimes me awake.  It’s dark outside. Autumn’s chilly air encourages me to get dressed quickly.  I pulled my gym clothes out, what seems like only hours ago.  Being prepared is a skill I depend on when my morning call times are this early.

4:10 am

I drink the first litre of water of this day.  Knowing that I need to be out the door for an early morning call time, I create the smoothie that will get me through until noon.  I wont’ have time to make anything else and find that a smoothie will nourish me (and keep broccoli bits out of my teeth).  In goes the protein powder, chia and flax, coconut oil, a big piece of ginger root, 4 cups of greens (baby broccoli sprouts, kale and spinach), frozen berries and my home made kefir. Cinnamon seems like a good addition to warm me up. All goes in with a splash of Santevia filtered water and I whiz it up in the VitaMix.

4:30 am

I load up my car. I need clothes for the TV appearance, gym clothes and all that goes with that. I always pack more than one clothing option since you never know what the background is on set and you never know what the host is wearing. I like to be prepared and somewhat coordinated.  So I take several outfits and shoes.

4:45 am

I’m finally starting my drive. I need to make a stop at my friend’s house to drop off a gift – I want her to find it, like a little surprise, before her day begins.  It’s a Posture Medic and I’ve been wearing it for about a year to help me correct my posture, especially while I drive or work at a computer.

5:20 am

I’m surprised (but not really) to find that Sue is up already. She is my personal trainer and she’s got a class at 6:00 am.  We have a quick hug and I get back on my way, feeling blessed to have Sue in my life.

6:45 am

I arrive in town, where I am to go into hair and makeup for 7:00.  Since I am early, and I know my friend and makeup artist is also up early, on my behalf, I stop and get us both a latté.

7:00 am

I arrive at the boutique, Ooh La La in Milton, with my dearest friend, Franca, and we begin the preparations to get me ready for the TV show.  Franca has been doing my hair and makeup as well as other services, for years.  She is known for her perfect skills.  I’m lucky to have her on my team.

8:30 am

I’m ready – hair done, clothes on, make up on, shoes on – and off to the studio.  I’m appearing on Let’s Just Do This! radio, TV and podcast, with Margaret Wallis-Duffy and Todd Miller.  I am always profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share my voice with others who are similarly interested in changing the ways of the world in wellness.  We have a beautiful segment, discussing practical steps to become well: Strike Sugar, Fitness Commitment and practicing emotional wellness.  The time flies by.

10:00 am

Recording is over.  I am now ready to get on with the remaining commitments in my day.  There are always writing deadlines, obligations to clients and the demands of social media to attend to.  But as I am driving I realize how lucky I am to be here, in this day, on this planet.  Every day I practice gratituding – giving thanks for what I have.  Some days this is harder to do than others, like when my son and husband died and pretty much the rest of my life tanked too – but I can always find something to say “Thank you” for.  So I sip my smoothie and breathe in the air around me and give thanks.

10:30 am

It’s workout time.

I squeeze in a rebounder circuit.  It’s fast and effective.  When I only have 15 or 30 minutes, this is what I turn to.  Movement is medicine for me. When I don’t work out, I feel sluggish and less than at my peak.  Moving my physical body is not punishment, it is a joy.

12:00 pm

I am driving to my daughter’s house to both visit and help take care of Grayson, my little granddaughter.  I am reminded of how much joy she has brought into all of our lives, just at a time when we all needed it the most.  I had forgotten how to laugh, or let go. I had forgotten how to be in the moment. I had forgotten how to sing.  Those are the gifts our little one has helped me to remember.

1:00 pm

Grayson is having her nap and now it’s time for me to work.  I spend quiet time working alongside Dr. Rachel Corradetti (my daughter), writing.  The feeling of peace is beautiful. Like everything is right in the world.  At this moment, it feels just like that.

My writing today includes posting a #metoo message.  I felt courageous enough to add my voice to the many who have been unjustly attacked.  It took me some time to write this post. It’s something I haven’t talked about much.  But the climate was right.  Please take a minute to visit my Instagram post after reading my blog (thank you for taking the time to do so) and add your voice to the many.

4:00 pm

Still shaky from my Insta post, I want to calm myself and my favourite way to do that is to cook. I offer to make dinner and begin the preparations.  Baby Grayson is running around in the kitchen while I trim Brussels sprouts, wedge sweet potatoes and dust the tenderloin with spices.  The process of preparing nutritious food for my loved ones is deeply spiritual for me.  It makes me connect with the love I feel for them and for caring for their wellness.  I really care about food, not for the sake of food itself, but for how it can heal.

5:00 pm

Rachel and I have tea together, sharing a conversation about our day and our lives.  The baby is entertaining us with her antics. She is so very smart.  The sun is shining so brightly we then take her to the park so she can work out her energy.  It’s fun to watch her explore.

6:00 pm

I have a Crowdcast event with my Strike Sugar community.  We are making such progress together, changing how we eat and feel. I am so proud of my members and want to build this community to encompass the entire world. When we vote for ground zero on sugar, we vote for health.  Want to join?

7:00 pm

After bath time and quiet time with a book, the baby is ready for sleep.  The rest of us sit down to a beautiful meal.  These are the simple moments of life.  My heart is bursting with gratitude.  I think of how much I need to connect with my family and my friends – all of you – and that inspires me to work harder to find my highest and purest intentions for my work.

10:45 pm

The day nears to a close.  I’ve worked, I’ve played, I’ve taken care of my emotional self. I’ve loved and I’ve given my heart with all that I have to what I believe in.

Good night.

Sleep tight my friends.

With great love and wishes for your wellness,


PS. I look forward to hearing your comments.  Won’t you share your story about what makes your day special? What are you grateful for? I love to hear from you.  Post in the comments below.