Hi! How are you doing with your fitness and wellness resolutions?  Not so good, right?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  Almost as soon as we have made our resolutions, they have flown out the window.  By February fully 95% of us haven’t even come close to losing the excess weight that troubles us or quit eating sugar.  Heck, we aren’t even going to the gym.

Part of the problem is a missing factor and that factor is accountability.  We humans have a hard-wired need to answer to someone.  Accountability makes you a MOVER.  Accountability provides:

M – Measurement of your success

O – Optimizes your efforts

V – Validates what you are doing

E – Engages you more deeply

R – Responsibility

Want to be a MOVER that gets wellness results? I have the answer for you.  It’s my most comprehensive wellness package ever, combining FitCommit + FitBoost + Winter Juice Cleanse. Here’s the structure you need as well as the accountability factor. If you want 7 weeks of wellness all wrapped up in one package, then this is for you.  

My FitCommit, FitBoost and brand new Winter Juice Cleanse programs, combine for a life changing 7 weeks of wellness that will help you lose weight, gain energy, boost mood and attitude and glow from the inside out.

Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND and I work so well together that we have partnered to rework FitCommit and FitBoost.  We have changed some of the recipes, reworked the content and fine-tuned the programs. Don’t worry, the favorites, like Powerballs and Paleo Loaf, are still there.  Everyone loves Powerballs! They are the perfect portable protein portions!


What to expect from FitCommit and FitBoost:



  • Menu plans – complete meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Recipes – Eat-Clean® approved, original and highly nutritious, many new recipes

  • Alternative foods and recipes – for those with food concerns

  • Shopping Lists – weekly lists to plan your food shopping

  • Supplementation guidelines – because you need to!

  • Workout guide – designed to burn fat and build muscle

  • Videos – to support your workout

  • Food Tracker

  • Accountability through journaling activities and our FaceBook group – where you’ll find the love

  • And so much more!

Follow the 7 weeks of FitCommit and FitBoost, with our brand new Winter Juice Cleanse. Cleansing in the cold months must be done differently, using warming ingredients.  


Here’s what to expect from our Winter Cleanse:

  • All new, nutrient loaded juice recipes  

  • All new, nutrient loaded smoothie recipes

  • Winter ingredients that boost detoxification

  • All new menu plan

  • All new protocol

  • Results

Lots of cleansing! Lots of gorgeously glowing wellness.  Look at you shine!

This is the time to get yourself back on track.  The changes we have made to FitCommit and FitBoost make these among the highest quality programs available.  Our brand new Winter Cleanse will seal the deal.  They deliver results because we poured our knowledge and love into creating them.  Success is just a click away.

Dr. Rachel and I care deeply about your wellness, and dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve it. Won’t you join today?  And get many more details and love from us both on a conference call scheduled for 8:00 am EST.  Details to follow.

Eat Clean for health and for life,

Tosca Reno

P.S.  Click on this link to sign-up today and receive your BONUS GIFTS – your complimentary food and workout trackers.  This combo is the ideal way to be accountable about your training.

P.S.S. Join today and you will be entered into a draw to win a complimentary 1-hour, one-on-one consult with me.  Valued at $500.

OH, BY THE WAY, when you purchase you can sign up for the FitCommit Facebook community for exclusive check-ins, videos and more Eat Clean® love from your wellness team, Dr. Rachel and I.

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