Is wellness for you?

Not everyone should do a Cleanse or Fitness Program.  Are you shocked? It seems you need to be well enough for wellness and fitness, otherwise, your body will send you a little note that all is not well.

I’m chuckling at my first encounter with weights.  I didn’t know much about lifting or its’ after effects then, but I came to learn that after an intense workout, the body can bite back with a nasty case of Montezuma’s revenge (loose bowels) and DOMs – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.  This doesn’t happen every time but I thought you should know.

Don’t worry, I am not setting you up for such experiences with my Fitness or Cleanse program.  You will be fine but I thought you would like to know the 10 most insanely smart reasons to participate in a program like mine.

  1. Structured programs provide a real and workable framework in which to create lasting lifestyle change.  Experts, like Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND., and I, have usually spent a great deal of time planning and programming so you don’t have to.  With each day neatly laid out, it is just a matter of execution.

  2. A supportive group or partner is the number one factor in sticking to a fitness or wellness program successfully.  When you have someone to answer to and you know others are doing what you are doing, there is more of a drive to remain honest and committed to your efforts.  That is the purpose of the private Facebook group for this plan.

  3. Having support also dramatically increases your chances of success. Your training partner can motivate you to push out extra reps, go faster and dig deeper.  And when you add in the fact that your complimentary Workout Tracker, based on my best-selling Eat-Clean Diet® Workout Journal, is provided for you to record your efforts, you can’t lose.

  4. We are hardwired to seek interpersonal support.  We look for and need the company and positive reinforcement of others, especially when we are working towards making lifestyle changes.

  5. Emotional connection is another critical factor.  It helps when the person who is providing your eating and exercise plan is someone you like and trust.  You are less likely to want to let them down.  You can count on me to be the emotional connection for you.

  6. Your wellness partner, whether it is your best friend or me (I do love you), needs to be someone who is as committed to their wellness journey as you are.  If your goals are aligned, you are more likely to reach success. And you know I am seriously committed to my wellness and yours.

  7. It’s better for your brain than your butt to get in shape.  Just 30 minutes of exercise performed at a MHR of 65% or greater will generate so much and so many feel-good brain chemicals, that it is often better to exercise than to take Prozac.

  8. You will sleep like a baby.  Many of you are sleep deprived.  Too much stress. Not enough time. Exercise and Eating Clean® take the poison out of your body and your head and help you slip into a restful sleep.

  9. You will be more productive.  You will have so much energy, you will run circles around your kiddies.  Nice!

  10. Eating Clean® and exercising are key ways to manage blood sugar and when we manage blood sugar we manage cravings and weight.  We also support a robust immune system.

I could go on.  There are hundreds of reasons to join a program like mine. You will get rid of headaches, irritability, belly bloat and so on. Heck, you will even have a libido again!  Yay for you!  

Why not sign up today?  Your complimentary Food Tracker and Fitness tracker will be ready to download upon signing up.  

I can’t wait to start the Fitness Challenge with you!

Remember, I am always listening!

Tosca Reno

PS. What is your number one reason for wanting to participate in my Fitness Challenge?  I would love to hear it.  Tell me about it in the COMMENTS section below.

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