We are in exciting times! As the launch of the Fitness and Cleanse package nears, a flurry of questions has arisen.  Enquiring minds want to know!  

Here are the answers you have been looking for …


I purchased the previous editions of Fit Commit and Fit Boost, which I loved! What is different about the new editions.

If you have the previous editions, you are fine. The difference lies in recipes and that only Rachel and I built the programs. We changed some of the content and removed some recipes that didn’t work perfectly. You may want to add the Winter Juice Cleanse for a 5-day blitz of wellness.

What’s different?

  • Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND and I, Tosca Reno, working as a team

  • 30% new menu plan

  • 30% new recipes

  • New supplementation guide


What’s the same?

  • Don’t worry! You will still get the same beautiful content!

  • Over 20 years of health and wellness experience

  • Structured menu plan including snacks and meals for every day of every week

  • Recipes – your favourites have returned!

  • Supplementation Guide

  • Motivation and Inspiration

  • Facebook support group

  • Exercise plan complete with descriptions and videos

  • Food Tracker

How much weight can I expect to lose?

As we alter our lifestyle through these programs, we can expect to lose between 2 – 5 pounds per week. It all depends on what your baseline is and how committed you are to following the programs. Whatever the case, we have built a safe and medically sound series of programs for you, through which you can lose weight, gain energy, heal yourself and much more. It will yield results, I can guarantee that.

Is this program, 4 weeks of juice cleansing?

This is not 4 weeks of juice cleansing – Yikes! That would be dangerous. I have worked with Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND.,  to build all of my programs, including this Winter Juice Cleanse, and combined, we have over 20 years of experience in nutrition. I would never recommend juicing for that period of time. It is 5 days of cleansing. Five days is just the right amount of time and perfectly safe for cleansing.

Do you have beginner level workouts that can be modified for previous injuries? Ie). knee surgeries, etc.

The workouts I have built are based on some of the most foundational exercises in weightlifting and body shaping. Every one of these exercises is part of a sound training regimen. You can adjust the intensity of the workout to make it harder or easier, by adjusting the weight you are lifting, the amount of rest time you take in between sets and reps, the frequency of your training and by placing your mind into the muscle. Be present with every rep!

I have stomach issues. Certain fibre foods, I can’t have. Are there alternatives in the cleanse DIET?

Thank you! We have created a safe and reliable menu. That said, we are all biologically unique so we can’t foresee every food intolerance. However we have clearly indicated whether the recipes contain dairy, gluten, meat and so on. Also, although we have provided an entire menu plan with loads of delicious recipes, you can eat the same thing every day, on repeat, and still get amazing results.

Will the FB group be new or adapted from the Spring Cleanse group? Will there be consistent or at least intermittent monitoring?

We will be combining the FB groups from FitCommit and FitBoost. We will be monitoring the group as frequently as possible as this helps to build confidence amongst users.  You will have an amazing team of Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND., Kiersten Corradetti and I, monitoring the page. Please be sure to join us there.

What is the ease and time involved in recipes?

I am not a chef, simply a cook who has discovered the healing power of Eating Clean. Recipes have been devised to keep them simple and doable in your own kitchen. They are created with love and with the goal of helping you achieve results.

I purchased the FitCommit program, previously, do I have to purchase this in addition to that?

If you have FitCommit, you are welcome to buy the others but you don’t have to. I lead with love. If you feel you want to up your game and have the structure of 7 weeks of wellness in your hands, then I invite you to consider purchasing all 3. I’d love to have you join in!

I am middle aged and I haven’t worked out in several years. Are the workouts appropriate for me or are there modifications included for all types of users?

Don’t worry it will be easy for you to follow along as I have videos to accompany the exercises. All exercises can also be adjusted to suit your capability, whatever it is, at the moment. I welcome you aboard.

I purchased the Winter Wellness combo.  I received the trackers.  But when does the rest come? And does it come in the mail?

Welcome aboard! Get ready for amazing results.  Upon purchase, you will have received the Fitness Tracker and the Food Tracker.  These tools will help you monitor your progress.  The ebooks will be sent to you in time for the launch of the program.  The launch date is February 21st.  But you will receive your programs by February 17th so you can go ahead and purchase your groceries and do some food prep also.  Nothing will be physically sent to you in the mail.  These are eBook program downloads.

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Please leave any questions you feel haven’t been answered, in the comments section below.  I welcome them all and will be updating the blog as we continue the program.

Remember, I am always listening!

Tosca Reno

PS. Looking forward to reading your comments and questions.

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