How nurture shapes nature – namely, YOU!

Participating in a challenge like my FitCommit and Cleanse Challenge, helps shape our outcomes more positively.  Science shows that we do better together than separately and this challenge is all about working together, sharing results and celebrating victories along the way.  Welcome to the FitCommit and Cleanse Challenge!

There is a whole new field of research called behavioural epigenetics, that studies how nurture shapes nature.  We have all been born with gene-controlled characteristics but the influence of our life experiences, including social interactions, nutrition and adopting a positive mental attitude can alter these.  In other words, we were born with a blueprint but the expression of who we are is governed by life.  Scientists call this the nurture aspect.  

In short, this means, when we change the way we “see” things in the world, we can change our health.  I recall when I first attempted to make changes in my then overweight and unhealthy body, I didn’t know what I was doing and I was trying to do it alone.  My efforts didn’t get me very far.  I didn’t change my physique much and felt frustrated and ready to quit.

When I sought the help of those in the know, about making healthy changes and adopted a more positive, can-do attitude, everything shifted.  Suddenly weight began to fall away (I had 85 pounds to lose) and fat was replaced with muscle.  My formerly fat body developed muscle.  While that was happening my head/heart space shifted from depressed and miserable to optimistic and happy.  I had so much energy I could run circles around many young people I knew. I felt fabulous!

The changes were shockingly dramatic enough to cause me to devote my life to helping others do the same.  This program is all about that.

There is time for you to discover what this magic is all about. Sign up for my FitCommit and Cleanse program today and get the trackers you need to ensure success.  They are my gift to you.  You can download them immediately today.  

Anyone who ever achieved significant success used a road map, a plan and extensive tools to track his or her success.  Sir Edmund Hillary, the 20th Century mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist, did not become the first man to scale Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, by accident. He had a map, a plan, and razor sharp focus.  That is what my Fitness Tracker and Food Tracker are designed to do for you.  They are the tools to help you scale your own personal Mt. Everest.

After you sign up for the program, you will also receive a complimentary Introduction to the Cleanse.  I think this intro is brilliant because most detoxes are basically plans to make you poop more.  Those detox-in-a-box products are not a proper cleanse.  With my complimentary intro, you will learn what a cleanse is and what you can expect.  No additional trips to the bathroom!

We human beings are social folk.  It’s actually quite clever to invite your friends to this party because we are far more likely to enjoy, commit, and be successful when we do something new with friends.  So bring them in! Everyone is welcome.

Once you are in, you just need to head over to FaceBook to sign up for the Fit Commit Facebook community.  Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND., and I will be monitoring the group and conducting our exclusive check-ins, answering your questions and supporting you all the way.  We love the live events.

By the way, if you like live events, please join us for our live Crowdcast event where both Dr. Rachel and I will answer all your questions.  (The live event details are found here.)  We are already taking questions.  Please be sure to post yours.

Helping you feel good again is my greatest joy.  Your stories fill others with hope and courage.  We are capable of healing ourselves.  Doing it together makes it a more positive experience.  Won’t you join us?  Your success story is just a thought away.

Warmly and with love,

Tosca Reno

PS. What are your hopes for this challenge?  Please share your goals in the COMMENTS section below.

PSS.  It’s interesting to note that Sir Edmund Hillary took up mountain climbing because he was interested in holistic health.  He and his family also kept bees, enjoying the many health benefits of this natural food. He was a fellow Brother in Health!

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