Spend more time enjoying your Eat Clean® lifestyle with these top tips!

Eating Clean® is the runaway, healthy eating food trend since my first Eat Clean® book came out in 2007.  The lifestyle has helped thousands, if not millions of people, heal themselves, lose weight and achieve optimal wellness.  There hasn’t been a bigger “diet” trend since South Beach.

With my 2017 Fitness Challenge, some of you have requested practical tips to make Eating Clean® more efficient in your kitchens.  Since eating is something we do several times per day, 365 days of the year and all of our lives, all shortcuts are welcome.  Once you nail down the tips and tricks to fast, efficient food prep, using only the cleanest of ingredients, you will discover how efficient this lifestyle way of eating really is.

I have gathered hundreds of tips from around the world, to help you achieve success in your Eat Clean® kitchen, particularly tips on how to cut down food prep time.  Here are the top 8 just for you.

8 Top Tips To Make Eat Clean® Food Prep A Breeze

  1. Batch cooking. Always prepare more than one serving of a particular dish. Many of my Eat Clean® recipes yield from 2 to 4 servings, or more. This is to maximize your efficiency in the kitchen. For the same amount of time, or just a bit more, you will have several meals, not just one. Cook what you would normally cook, but more of it. Double, triple or quadruple it your recipe.
  2. Look for batch friendly recipes. Soups, stews, pilafs, casseroles, crockpot recipes, roasting whole cuts of meat, Powerballs and Paleo Loaf – such recipes are your best friend for Eating Clean® efficiency.
  3. Food Prep Day.  Choose a day that works for you and your schedule, and prepare the meals that will sustain you in the week ahead.  There is immense satisfaction in having envisioned, planned and created your nourishment, fully knowing the clean ingredients that went into each meal.
  4. Mason jars and muffin tins are your best friends. Use these containers for perfect portions.  Make your smoothies ahead and freeze in muffin tins. Thaw 2 or 3 for your smoothie.  The same applies to soups, stews and other batch recipes.  Create your salad in a 4 cup Mason jar and your dressing in a 1/4 cup Mason jar. These containers are toxin free and already in portions! My Superfoods for a Super You contains several such recipes.
  5. Eat more raw food. Not only is this better for you, since raw foods like fruits and vegetables are loaded with living enzymes, vitamins, minerals and more, but this saves time in the kitchen. Eating 70% of your meals raw, also lessens your carbon footprint. Good for you and good for the environment.
  6. Wash and cut raw fruits and veg right after grocery shopping.  This way they can be readily accessed for snacks and salads.  Also, I always save the trimmings like stems and leaves, which are loaded with beneficial nutrients, for my soup pot.
  7. Use your grocery list and follow the meal plans provided in any of my programs.  They have been designed to make following the Eat Clean® lifestyle, easier for you.
  8. Embrace food prep as fun and it will be.  Create a positive environment for the task by making yourself a cup of tea, playing your favorite music, having an assortment of food preparation tools and materials handy and asking a friend or your family to join you. is a chore, or it will be

Today is the perfect day to start practicing these tips.  You will spend less time struggling and more time looking like a Top Eat Clean Chef!

Warm hugs and wellness,


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