Raising your vibrational frequency and guaranteeing success.

The Lady Bosses Summit is here!

Everything in life flows to us with more ease when we are operating at a higher frequency. Some people call this “vibration.” Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by someone who knows all about high vibrational energy.  Sloan Lauinger, a business strategist and wealth professional, as well as host of Lady Bosses Summit, bubbles over with positive, high energy.  Her goal is to help us be successful in all aspects of our professional lives.

My interview Lady Boss Sloan can be heard here. This summit is a wonderful way to get inspired by women who have made their mark in business. Listening to the interviews provides you with the tools successful women have used to make their mark.

Please listen in and discover more about my journey into wellness and the wellness industry.  You will even receive a code for a complimentary download of my Superfoods for a Super You eBook!

In the meantime, here are some powerful and proven tips to raise your frequency and guarantee success.

7 Hacks To Raise Your Frequency And Ensure Success

  1. The most powerful way to consistently raise your creative energies, is to meditate.  Science proves that only 15 minutes a day spent in meditation, changes everything from ….. Start your practice today and commit to 30 days and within that short time, creative energies will flow from you with amazing speed and focus.
  2. Tap into what makes you feel happy.  Think of a joyful occasion – holding your brand new grand child, a runner’s high, seeing dolphins leap and dive in the ocean – anything that makes you feel happy.  Access the emotions associated with that feeling of happiness, and bring yourself to that place as frequently as possible, but particularly when you wish to create.
  3. Once you have arrived at that brilliant feeling of happiness, and your body is practically vibrating from the joy of it, milk it.  Milk those feelings to raise your vibrational energy even higher.  Keep thinking of all the good ways you are feeling in this moment.
  4. Deactivate thoughts that do not serve you.  If a thought pops into your head that seems intent on darkening your light, kill it right away.  Lingering in the negativity will only lower your creative energy, sinking you to a place where it will become increasingly difficult to get out of it.
  5. Look for and intentionally seek out, the things that satisfy you.  If you like to write, as I do, then write.  If you like to dance, dance at every opportunity.  Keep an account of these things that please you.
  6. Spend time in nature, no matter what the weather.  Nature is 100% effective in lowering your resistance to negativity and decreasing stress. Just 30 minutes spent in nature, per day, increases your positive energy dramatically. Appreciate the joy that is our planet.
  7. Allow yourself to stop being a “human doing” and let yourself become a “human being.”  When we are busy, running around trying to make things happen and forcing outcomes, we make life harder on ourselves.  Allow your creative energies to harness the power of Source.  The result will surprise and delight you.

Try to recall an experience, when doing something that you love, in which you “lost yourself.” Time may have felt suspended and your creative efforts seemed to flow out of you with ease and abundance.  It felt effortless. You may have “forgotten” where you were, or felt as if you were light and energy all at once.  Share it with me, in the COMMENTS below.  I’d love to hear about it.

Don’t forget to listen to my Lady Bosses interview here.

Warmly, and with best wishes for abundance,

Tosca Reno

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