It’s week 4 and you’re on fire with my #fit2017 Fitness Challenge!  

Isn’t it amazing how simple things like drinking more water, moving your body and having a community of supporters can make SO MUCH DIFFERENCE?  

We think so.

Dr. Rachel and I are applauding your progress.

We were chatting about you! Were your ears burning? We find that the most challenging aspect of our work in the wellness field is establishing compliance.  Neither one of us can make you do anything.  You have to want to do it for your reasons and they have to be some powerful reasons to break the habit that got you off track in the first place and replace it with something new.

But we have found that providing a structure and accountability are powerful tools to help you do just that.

And Week 4 is proof.  You are changing.  You are healing.  You are working it!  

How do we know?  

Sometimes it’s not so much what you are telling us, but what you aren’t telling us.  Have you noticed?  No one is complaining about recipe fails.  It’s all quiet on the front about muscle pain and learning new exercises.

I’m convinced it’s because you are deeply entrenched in building and practicing your new habits.  You’re busy with your menu plans, recipe building and workouts.  And Dr. Rachel and I couldn’t be happier. When you are well, we are successful.  That’s how we measure it.

The body is a marvellous instrument and you are getting reacquainted with that wonder.  See how it can heal itself? Lose weight and everything goes back to balance.  You sleep like a baby.  Your energy levels soar.  Your skin clears up.  You feel so darned good, there is no turning back.

Keep the good vibrations going.  We are heading into FitBoost where exercise gets super charged and your body is on a straight line path for the best it has ever looked!

Stay tuned here for more about an upcoming Crowdcast with Dr. Rachel and I. There are more recipes in development (the next blog I write will be about how I develop recipes) and I am building amazing new content for my members.  Membership programs are the best way to get every drop of goodness out of the Eat-Clean lifestyle and, ahem, me!

See you there.

Congratulations on your success so far! Stick with it!

Warm hugs,

Tosca Reno

PS. Membership programs can be found here.

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