We’ve been at this Eating Clean® thing a long time.  With the release of my first book, the Eat Clean® Diet in 2007, and many more after that, millions of people have adopted this healthy, lifestyle way of managing weight and returning to wellness.  

And you’re loving it!  

I’m on a mission to change the way the world eats, one clean meal at a time and you are part of that mission.

Do you feel you have a transformation story to tell?  Are your guns too good to hide? What about your buns? Want to show off your own before and after story?  Now you can.

This Monday evening, March 27th at 7pm EST, Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND. and I are hosting a Crowdcast event.  We are calling for your testimonials.  Your bragging rights.  Your Gun Show.  Please join us, in what is sure to be a global event celebrating the amazing results of Eating Clean®.

This hour spent with us and your brothers and sisters in wellness will inspire you to continue on your journey of wellness.  At any given time we are at a point on that continuum to wellness. Spending an hour with us to hear and share stories of wellness will surely push you further on your journey.

So don’t miss out.  Join us here . Wander over to Crowdcast now to sign up. The more the merrier.  Your story is welcome.  It’s your time to shine.

Chat with you soon.

Love and warm hugs,

Tosca Reno and Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND

PS: You can also share your Winter Wellness #Fit2017 testimonials here.

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