For many of you, Week 1 of #fit2017 is done and Week 2 is underway. Whether you have started right away, or are still in organization mode, you’ve made the commitment to eat-clean, work on your fitness, and improve your overall health and wellness. Amazing!

Plenty of progress has been made this past week. On our the back end, we’ve worked out some technical difficulties, we’ve helped everyone get set up and ready, and we hosted an awesome, and very international, Crowdcast launch (P.S. stay tuned for another one coming up soon).

You’re diving into new recipes, figuring out new ingredients, and getting intimate with the grocery store, gym and kitchen. Welcome to your new Eat-Clean® life! 2017 is your year to shine and Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND and I are here to support you all the way.

Early results are coming in too.  These are highly motivating for all!  We are hearing about weight loss, sore muscles, recipes that are new family favorites, how magically delicious Powerballs are (and how much fun you can have with these cute little snacks) and much more.  We are happy when you are happy and you, are happy!

Wherever you are on your journey this week, stay focused. We’re in this together. Don’t miss out on joining the busy and bubbling community with Tosca Reno and Eat-Clean Diet® #fit2017 participants on our exclusive Facebook page. The conversation is always lively and supportive.

Let’s keep it going, strong and focussed.

Warm hugs,

Tosca Reno and Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND

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