A Day in the Life

April 25, 2017

04 / 25 / 2017

5:30 am

iPhone alarm rings to the sound of favourite song – Ludivico Einaudi, Fly.

Luxurious to stretch out and know I’ve been blessed with another day.  But there’s lots on the agenda and I have to get moving.  

5:35 am

Connect earphones to morning meditation.  A beautiful 15 minutes of quiet meditation prepares me for the day ahead.  Today it’s an Abraham Hicks gratitude meditation.  Practicing gratitude is the best way to lift my energy to its highest.  I just let the words floating into my ears, carry me away.  

5:50 am

Feeling fabulous!  I’m up.  Fuelling for my workout with my trainer. I put the kettle on to make a French press coffee.  While the kettle boils, I pull out the VitaMix.  In it I place the ingredients to make my bulletproof coffee. When the coffee is ready, I whiz up the hot, frothiness that is my morning pre-fuel kick.  I slice open two Medjool dates, and stuff them with coconut oil.  I’ve also filled three, 1 litre bottles with water and start sipping.  

6:15 am

I pull on my gym clothes.  While I dress I keep sipping my water and bulletproof coffee.  

6:30 am

Finally ready, I grab my keys and head out the door to my trainer’s gym.  I need 25 minutes to get there.  No worries, the sun is just popping out of the clouds along the 2nd concession where I’m driving.  I’m enjoying the scenery.  Deer are nibbling their breakfast in the farmer’s field alongside early spring calves and anxious mammas.  The air smells divine.

6:55 am

At the gym, I am greeted by Sue, from Sue’s Ignite Fitness, who pops me on the elliptical for a 5 minute warm-up and a good old friend-to-friend catch up.  She then guides me over to the stations and equipment she has set up for me and we begin.  An hour later, I am dripping with sweat.  This is no exaggeration. My hair is saturated.  My clothes are wet.  i’m a mess but I feel fabulous.  What a workout!

7:30 am

Back at home, I’m ravenously hungry.  Breakfast will be greens with Turmeric Eggs.  I prepare my ingredients and then sit down to eat. This is my favourite breakfast – I try to eat greens at every meal.

8:00 am

Still in my gym clothes, with a warm blanket over my shoulders, I spend the next hour journalling and writing.  Writing has always been the way I process things.  I commit to the practice every day, as a discipline and because I love it.  

9:30 am

After a quick rinse and a change of clothes, I’m back at my computer. I try to pull myself together for some coaching sessions, which I do via Skype.  Skyping with someone means I have to look reasonably good.  Sometimes I don’t.  But I try. Then I go ahead and do some videos for my Membership Program.  Keeping it fresh an authentic, is the best way to keep my audience happy. I spend a good deal of time at my computer creating content, writing to my audience members, preparing and planning content.  Sometimes I’m just plain silly but I always have fun.

11:00 am

I realize I have a problem. For an upcoming Clean Living Experience Retreat, I need rebounders and equipment like bands, balls, mats and more.  But they haven’t arrived and the retreat is in 2 days. I have to problem solve like crazy.  

11:30 am

Several phone calls later Amazon Prime comes to the rescue and it looks like we will have all we need, in time!

11:35 am

I need to shake off my yayas after having been glued to my computer these past hours.  I set up my rebounder and do a quick 15 minutes of rebounding to stir up my blood and stimulate my brain.

12:15 pm

Time slipped by.  Enjoyed the rebounding so much I kept on going. Yahoo!

Time for lunch.  Greens – a big pile – loaded with pumpkin seeds, sliced purple onion, bitter greens, herbs, zucchini and anything else I can find in my fridge.  That’s what’s for lunch. I top it all off with hemp seeds and a splash of avocado oil and ACV.  I need to eat fast and shower because I have an interview downtown.

1:20 pm

I’m on the road.  Traffic in the GTA is crazy.  While I’m on the road I call my mom.  I make a point of calling her every day.  She is 82 and lives independently and always puts me in great spirits.  We chat and laugh.  She tells me she has hung her bikini on the bed post in preparation for warm weather.  I’m LOL’ing.   In no time I arrive and head into meetings for new collaborations.  My brand is evolving – I’m sure you’ve noticed.  I’ve prepared myself for these meetings by asking myself how I can best serve my audience (that’s YOU) and be my authentic self.  Wish me luck!

5:30 pm

Exhilarated and exhausted, I have finished my meetings.  I’m sipping a Kombucha at Balzac’s in Liberty Village and revelling in the day.  I have no desire to face the drive home just yet as the rush hour is in full swing.  I’m going to see my girls.  Kiersten, Chelsea and Kelsey all live downtown.  A spontaneous dinner might be nice.  I continue writing while I wait to see them.

7:00 pm

Kelsey made it to dinner. Kiersten had to work late and Chelsea is finishing night classes.  We have a nice visit, eat a clean meal at Kupfert and Kim and talk about creative elements for my brand.  Kelsey makes everything beautiful with her talent.  It’s so nice to sit and enjoy her.

9:00 pm

I say my goodbyes and start the drive north to the Caledon Hills.  By 10:30 pm, I’m home and ready to fall into bed.  Still I take 15 minutes to do a final evening meditation.  

Thank you for this day.  Thank you for the abundance in my life. Thank you.


PS. Tell me about your day. Do you meditate? Do you journal? How do you give thanks? I’d love to hear about it.  Please post in the Comments Section below.

Tosca Reno

Author, columnist, motivational speaker, reality TV star, radio personality, consultant, mother and wife, Tosca Reno has been inspiring millions with the Eat Clean™️ Diet series and sharing the success she's had with weight loss and Clean Eating.


  1. hi Tosca,

    I start my day with a morning yoga online with yoga tx. this puts me in a good mood already:)
    in the meantime i boil some hot water, drop a slice of ginger in it let is soak until I finish my yoga.
    Add some squeezed lemon and drink it before anything else gets into my body.
    Have two boys still in elementary and middle school, wake them up , have breakfast with them, and one by one they go off to school.
    My breakfast is everyday a huge oatmeal I make, topping with maple syrup, coconut flakes, walnut, raisins, berries.
    Working from home which is not so ideal for me who always been in an office environment but this is what it is for now. not complaining just trying to find balance.
    I do my daily exercise and if weather cooperates going out for a run.
    we live in Mississauga.
    For lunch i dont do a big deal of it, try to eat some vegetarian or vegan lunch. Make sure I add some beans into my daily meals.
    I do however drink at least one but sometimes 2 smoothies. adding spinach or kale, almond milk, banana, hemp seeds, berries.
    Kids come home from school between 3 and 4 pm , make sure they eat something warm since they had only sandwiches and yogurt, apple, cerealbar through the day and since they play Rep basketball we are heading out the house for practice each day, back home around 8-9pm, small snack and off to bed. I try to squeeze in another bedtime yoga.
    love to hear, read your stories, you are so inspiring to many of us:)

    Have a lovely day, take care

  2. Your day sounds like mine about 2 years ago. Not so good now. Lost my husband and moved back to Florida. Last 2 years have been a transition and actually today back to new goals and wellness. I am sitting at a running store waiting for it to open to look at running shoes. Know at 72 it will be a little slower but want to get back to my center. Have been doing the gym for 3 months and this is my reward. Thank you for your posts. I know I can do this.

  3. Hi Tosca!

    I ‘m excited to see what you are doing with your brand! My day starts, thanks to you with wetter water. I then work out. Breakfast is some scrambled egg whites with veggies. I then try to have my quite time. After that, I will catch up on email and write some blog posts. With your gorgeous green smoothie to go, I am then off to run errands or chores that needs to be done. Evening can be dinner at home or sometimes a work event. I try to do a little meditating before bed. I so enjoyed it at the Clean Living Retreat and am trying to incorporate it more into my day. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxoxoxo

  4. Hello Tosca, I too lost my husband, he was 46 and left me with four daughters. I found you via pintrest where I was searching for exercises for women over 50 as I am 52. This is a great site you have and you seem to be getting on great even after the loss of your husband. Me too. Life goes on and its good to be positive. I am in the process of goal setting and being more organised in my daily routine and so its nice for me to see how you start your day. I was up at 5.30am also this morning. Early bird catches the worm and all that haha!! Have a lovely week. xoxox ellen

  5. Hello Ellen. My heart goes out to you. Until you have experienced this kind of loss it is difficult for others to empathize. I am in your shoes. Husband gone and 4 daughters. But I feel my journey is taking me to a new place where I have the “richness” of this experience that now colours my work and my relationship with my daughters and followers, in a good way. I wish you joy in your years, and to find the peace that eventually comes when we arrive at the knowing that is acceptance. Much love, Tosca

  6. Hello Sweet Sharmin. It’s funny how a post about my day and what I do in it can help so many. I once did a consult with a person who mourned the fact that I wasn’t doing them anymore. So I started. And I am having fun letting it all out on paper. Perhaps we can continue the trend? Much love and joy, Tosca

  7. Rebounding is my favourite way to train. Especially when I am pressed for time. If you are inexperienced at rebounding, I would begin with the basic rocking exercise where both feet remain on the tramp and you simple rock from side to side. Then, when you are comfortable, you can lift your feet slightly and incorporate your arms. Pretty soon you will be jogging and doing high knees. Without knowing your fitness level it is difficult for me to tell you what to do but I do have videos on FB if you wish to learn more. Wishing you well. Tosca

  8. I am sorry to hear of your loss. It feels, in so many ways, that these last years have been testing us all and we need more ways to handle these challenges. I know that for me, it took at least 2-3 years to recover. I was working out but not in the same way as when I was competing. But that is okay. Thank you for sharing your story and your resilience. Keep your eye on the long term goal, survival and enjoying life once more. I wish you strength and offer my support. Love, Tosca

  9. Dear Emese, so lovely to hear about your day. We are not dissimilar in our training and exercising. I think the greatest gift of such efforts is the feeling that you are part of something greater than yourself. And that through this work you are both taking care of yourself and healing. Your sons are watching. And learning. And that too is a gift beyond measure. I wish you wellness and joy, Tosca

  10. I journal on occasion and still struggle with meditation but keep trying. Your story about your Mom’s bikini gave me at much needed laugh. I just lost my Mom the beginning of April. She was funny and full of great stories from her younger days.

  11. My iPhone alarm goes off at 5:30 am also. I get up & take dogs out. Then make my coffee in the keureg but you’ve reminded me I have a French press & I love it too. I start on water too. I sit down in the living room with my hubby to catch local weather. Check fb & read a little psalms & proverbs. Then I spend time thanking god for all that I’m grateful for. Then I head down to my exercise room & hit my elliptical for some fasted cardio. Then it’s a shower & either a few e-mail in my office or hit the road to my sales territory. Back home in the evening to my hubby & fur babies. Dinner & strength training four nights a week. Maybe a Netflix series. Read a little bit & I sleep like a baby.

  12. I like the time travel in the Gym! If you work out for an hour, had a 25 min drive back then that’s a good 08.30 but you are doing tumeric eggs at 07.30! Nevertheless it sounds like a great day x

  13. Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your routine with me! It sounds like a great day!

  14. I’m so glad I could give you a laugh Janice. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you so much love and I’m glad that you she shared her stories with you, those you get to keep. oxo.

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