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May 2, 2017

05 / 02 / 2017

4:00 am

I was on Oma duty last night, helping Rachel while her husband was away. Tucked away in the spare bedroom, dubbed the “Oma Suite,” I hear my grand daughter crying.  I wanted to give Rachel a chance to catch up on some sleep so I get up and see what the fuss is about. Little Miss Grayson apparently needed a cuddle. Okay, maybe I did too.

4:30 am

Back to bed.  Hoping I can fall asleep again ……

7:30 am

Looks like we all got some rest. Grayson, Rachel and I are up, getting ready for the day. It is my Rest Day today.  Yesterday my personal trainer worked me so hard, I actually staggered when it was over! What was that about?? I feel very tired today – a good tired from a thorough workout.  I have some active rest planned for later in the day, if I can manage my time well enough.

7:45 am

Making tea for Rae and I.  We prepared Overnight Oats last night so breakfast this morning was a breeze. That dish is fabulous for busy folks.  I divide the beautifully coloured oats between us and top them with organic blackberries, which feels sinful given the chilly temperatures outside. While we eat, Rachel and I chat and catch up.

8:00 am

I get dressed for the day and do my morning meditation.  15 minutes spent in the quiet can change your life! Have I told you how much I love meditation? Read this blog to learn more.

8:15 am

Time to prepare for my Coaching Sessions. I have a few lined up for the day and each one requires loads of preparation.  It’s the work I love best. Spending time with people who really want to make change in their lives, fills up my heart. I know I can help them and I learn so much from them too.

I also need to prepare for my Clean Living Experience Retreat® coming up this weekend, in Costa Rica.  I absolutely love these! It’s where I get to meet you. It’s hard to describe what happens on these retreats but I like to call it Wellness Magic.  Each one is different but the same.  People come together.  We learn about self care. We bond over our stories.  We sweat.  We relax.  We tell stories.  I’d love to have you join me in any one of the upcoming retreats I’ve got planned. It will be the treat of your life. I can promise that! Learn more here.

9:00 am

Making a Bulletproof Coffee to feed my body.  I love this recipe.  How quick and easy it is and how delicious. It’s interesting to me that it holds me for so long.  Fat is the delicious ingredient that makes this possible. Find my morning coffee recipe here.

11:00 am

My cup is empty and my writing is done.  I step on my rebounder to stimulate myself back to the present.  Just 10 minutes fires me up.  I feel as if it changes my brain chemistry.  I always feel good after a session.

11:20 am

After filling my cooler with snacks and water, I head out the door for my massage. I still have some tight places in my lower back and shoulder, remnants from the concussion.  My massage therapist is excellent and also does Reiki while working on my muscles.

1:30 pm

Feeling absolutely fabulous after my massage!  My therapist works magic.  I’m in a good space to to head home and tackle the rest of the day. I need to squeeze in a load of laundry and packing  for my retreat, sometime before the day is done.  My first Coaching session is in 30 minutes. Better get cracking!

I have a bowl of Minestrone Soup, made with my Bone Broth recipe, and loads of nutritious goodies like Borlotti beans, kale, carrots and more.  I get a little crazy when I make this soup because you can toss anything into it and it always tastes good. It’s funny, that strategy doesn’t work for me when I make smoothies. The standing joke in my family is that my daughters have to taste test my smoothie recipes before passing them on to you.  Oh dear!

2:00 pm

One on one coaching underway …….

6:00 pm

My brain is tired but I’m feeling fulfilled.  Helping you puts me in my happy place.  So many good conversations! So much to learn.

But I have to change gears now.  Time to get on track – there’s still the laundry to fold and a suitcase to pack for tomorrow’s retreat.  I take a quick walk outside, where the wind howls and the sky threatens to rain.  Still, I like the roughness of the weather.  It clears out my head and gives me a fresh perspective.  Taking time to process after a busy day is a form of meditation also.  Nature is a place to let my mind wander.  I get most of my good ideas out there or while working out. I stomp around in my muddy boots and let the wind push me around. I feel exhilarated.

6:35 pm

Dinner is my Winter Greens Hash recipe. Yes, I know it’s spring but I’m not convinced as temps outside hover at 0. I put some Turmeric Eggs on top of the greens and dinner is done. I often eat this for breakfast too, BTW.

7:45 pm

Laundry is done. But I still face my suitcase, which sits empty on the floor in my bedroom. Full confession, I hate packing!  You would think I’d have it down to a science by now, with all the travel I have done but I still find it a cumbersome task.  I will have to change my thinking about that. I read that amazing book by Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief and I should know better. If I think it will be a pain to pack, it will be.  I get on with it and before you know it, I have a full suitcase.

9:00 pm

I check in for my flight and set my alarm for 4:00 am.  Maybe I should just have Grayson wake me up like she did this morning.  Giving thanks for the day before I close my eyes, I feel that I have done my best today.  I can almost face a long day of travel tomorrow – after all, I will get to meet some of you on my retreat!  Can’t wait!!

Goodnight. Remember, I’m always listening.

Love and hugs,


Tosca Reno

Author, columnist, motivational speaker, reality TV star, radio personality, consultant, mother and wife, Tosca Reno has been inspiring millions with the Eat Clean™️ Diet series and sharing the success she's had with weight loss and Clean Eating.


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