“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not in fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

May has been a busy month.  I’ve turned another year older, honoured the birthdays of my late husband and son with cake, song and family, celebrated more birthdays for my brother and dear friends, and learned that life is what you put into it.  Wherever my thoughts go, I go.

This May particularly feels like a month filled with abundance.  The skies were abundant with rain that filled our lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and sometimes our basements, to all time highs.  The trees and field explode with greenery.  The wind has been steady.  Flowers and blossoms are bursting from every possible corner. The energy is positively vibrating!! 

May has also turned out to be the month that I have decided to do as Socrates suggests, “focus on building the new.”  However long it has taken me to get to this place, I have arrived and find myself wondering why I have been dragging my feet!!  Why indeed!!  

I may have let the past weigh me down. Well, yes I did.  But I am now finding it to be offensive and bothersome to be so plodding.  Like spring, I must plant the seeds of my future.  The ashes of what is no longer will serve to fertilize those seeds of hope.

We never truly “lose” those we have loved, though they may no longer be present in their physical form.  They become part of our DNA, our collective self.  But I cannot put one more ounce of energy into what is no longer. I can take those lessons, tuck them into my forward moving journey and use them as needed.  

My fingers are itching to write and write and write. I have two books longing to be committed to paper.  Writing is my happy place and words are my tools.  The challenge for me is focus long enough on creating the space in which to write without the distractions.  And it is all too easy to be distracted. 

How to tune out?  My dream, if I were to wish it out loud, would be to get on a plane to the furthest destination possible and use that time to write.  I did it once before, when I wrote my first book and I know I can do it again.  The reason is, that there are NO distractions while on a plane, except for the flight attendant asking you what you would like to drink or eat.  I would naturally want to be in first class!  Once the return journey was complete, I would have another book written.

Otherwise I will make a plan to travel to a quaint cottage on the Canadian seaboard and hide away for a month to focus on my writing.  I have to jump out of my comfort zone here because I am not the best travel planner.  I welcome your ideas.  Please do send them along. I would go willingly.  

June then, will be a month of new beginnings, because I am committed to my goal to have these books written this year.  I will also work on my membership plan and of course, my own self care. 

Self care is the new health care.  For me this means playing in the dirt in my veggie gardens, sweating it out in the gym where I process all thoughts, Eating Clean® every day because the energy from clean food fuels healthy thinking and meditation.  

Share your intentions for next month with me now. I invite your comments and thoughts in the Comments section below.  I do love to hear from you!



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