While summer may feel like time to vacation, there is plenty of opportunity to achieve vibrant health. For the next few months I will be threading health themes and challenges throughout my writing.  My goal is always for you to achieve your highest and best wellness and often the smallest of changes makes the biggest of differences.   

Please follow along. Share your story with me.  Remember,  I was once an obese, 204 pound woman flirting with diabetes and heart disease. I was far from lean and healthy.  But I found the way and I can help you do it too. 

Join in the fun and celebrate too.  Canada is turning 150 this year and I am going to join the festivities because I am proud to be Canadian.  I’m offering a 25% discount to you as part of the fun. I hope to see you on my social media channels and in my Membership programs.  Much love!

Water.  H2O.  The majority of each of us is water, from our water hungry cells to our bones. Yet dehydration is the #1 nutritional deficiency in North America. Where is your water going and why are you dehydrated?  My suspicion is, you could be consuming  too many dehydrating beverages and foods. 

Water is a life giving substance. You can survive for 8 weeks without food but not more than a few days without water.  Your body composition is approximately 60% water.  Every one of the trillions of cells in your body is mostly water.  The body can make 8% of its daily water needs but the rest must be gotten through what we eat and drink.  

 I usually challenge my audience to drink more water because I know firsthand how valuable water is to achieving optimal wellness.  At my Clean Living® retreats, the first thing we learn is how to hydrate properly.  It is not as simple as drinking a glass and calling it quits.  Water must have a “sticky” quality in order for it to stick around inside you.

 You may have noticed that sometimes after you have had a drink of water to quench your thirst, you are still thirsty followed quickly by running off to wee.  When water passes through you this quickly it is because it is missing its’ stickiness.  What makes water stickier or wetter? Electrolytes.  

 Electrolytes are ions carrying a +ve or -charge.  Ions are dissolved minerals.  Water is usually full of these dissolved minerals or ions and the +ve or -ve charge creates the sticky factor in water.  The more minerals in the water the greater the hydrating capacity of the water.

This is why I always start with the healthy lifestyle habit of drinking more water, but more specifically, Wetter Water.  My recipe for Wetter Water* (see below) creates an electrolyte rich, thirst quenching beverage that hydrates your cells beautifully.  

THE MOST DEHYDRATING FOODS & DRINKS – what to avoid will shock you!

coffee and caffeinated beverages
sports beverages – if not used correctly
sweet foods particularly candies, cakes, cookies
recreational and prescription drugs


for every 8 ounces of dehydrating beverage drink 12 ounces of water 


8 ounces of filtered water + 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar + pinch unrefined sea salt = WETTER WATER 


The next part of the challenge is to make drinking more water part of your daily wellness routine.  For the next 30 days drink 2 litres of water before you put anything else in your mouth, immediately upon rising.  I have my water pre-measured and sitting on my bedside table.  

This is the wellness tip that will make the biggest difference in your life. Will you take up the challenge?   

 Cheers to your health.


PS. Please post pics and comments of you drinking your extra wetter water.  Please post on FB and IG to @toscareno.

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